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  2. Happy Anniversary 4mom!

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    upadate time! Ok mom went to the wound healing clinic and I must say I realy wasn't to impressed. I wasn't real impressed because all they did was clean it and take pictures and they wanted het to come back every week. I don't see the point personally. They seemed to scrub to hard and take all the new healing skin off and then she was in so much pain for the next several days. They did however make a couple really good suggestions. There is a cream that is sold over the counter at most drugstores but you have to ask the pharmasist for it. It is called calmoseptine cream. It has really helped
  4. My dad and mom divorced about 12 years ago. They were married for 31 years before they divorced. He does as much as he can and I am so thankful for what he does do. He visits her almost every day and takes us to appointments if I need him to. He will even sit with her for short periods of time when I need him to. He has helped financially and he is very supportive. I don't think most ex husbands would do what he does. He just isn't real good with her meds or feedings or changing her. If she chokes a little he freaks out. He doesn't have the best of health either. I have 3 brothers and 1 si
  5. My mom's stroke was a little over 3 years ago. She was left needing 24 hour care. Throughout this "journey" I have struggled with managing all that my life demands of me. Being a caregiver takes so much. I really truly think that no-one could understand how hard it is if you haven't done it. Then there are different degrees of care that individuals require. My mom in particular is unable to do anything for herself. She has grown very dependent on me. I am her safety blanket. There is so much guilt involved and she learned fast how to play me. For a long time (and being honest sometimes) it
  6. 4mom

    Thanks so much for everyone's wonderful advice. I have been so busy lately. My dad got sick and was in the hospital so I had both parents sick. It was crazy going from one parent in a hospital bed to the next. Trying to line up someone to come sit with my mom so I could go be with my dad. Ya know it is funny cause when someone is sick they just don't seem to be able to remember what the doctors say so with my dad I needed to be there when the Dr. came in and boy do they take thier sweet time. We have made some progress with my mom's bottom. I put a big garbage bag under her sheet that we
  7. 4mom

    Ok I know this is going to sound crazy being as I have taken care of my mom for over 3 years now, but we started having some problems. Maybe someone out there has also experienced this and has some suggestions. My mom is quadraplegic and unable to adjust herself in bed. I turn her every 2 hours or sooner if she needs it. I did it religously for 2+ years even at night until we got the new bed for her. We bought a alternating pressure matress. I am told I don't need to turn her at night and this is one of the purposes of the bed, but she still wants moved once or twice on a good night, bad
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    Back again

    The weekend is really a good time for me to take time out for me. I get to sit at the computer and relax for a little bit. Thanks to all that have replied. I really appreciate you taking time out to give me your thoughts and encouragement. First of all I will shed some light on my family situation. My parents were married for 31 years and have been divorced for about 10 years. They were married very young, 16. They began dating at 13 years old. They never really acted so much like they were divorced. My dad wouldn't let her go. He lets just say wanted his cake and to eat it to. H
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    Thanks so much for your comments. It truly feels so good to be able to share my feelings with others that don't have a emotional stake in how I feel. I can't hurt your feelings I guess is what I am trying to say. I don't want to come out as a whiner but it feels good to get it off my chest. I have good friends but I don't always like to share this with them. I don't want it always to be about me and always talk about the same things with them. You guys on this site truly understand what me and my family are going through and it helps knowing that there are others out there. At times this feels
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    Tough week

    Well I haven't been able to work on my blog much lately. It has actually been a tough couple weeks. My whole house had the flu. Everyone recovered pretty quickly except for my son. He is four and the poor kid must have a weak immune system. He gets everything and anything especially the wierd stuff. He had the flu and then it turned into a viral infection that decided to show itself in his mouth. His mouth broke out in canker sores all over his gums and lips. His poor gums swelled over his teeth. It has been almost 2 weeks and he is just now getting to be able to eat because it hurt so bad. I
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    Thought I would give this a try

    Well I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. I just haven't been taking much time out for myself lately. I have not been very active on the board recently and I really miss it. I am 28 soon to be 29. I have a 4 year old son named Tristen and have been married for 9 years. My mother had her brainstem stroke almost 2 years ago at the age of 55. Like most it was a complete shock to my family. Our worlds were turned upside down. I became her caretaker as she requires 24 hour care. 1 year ago my brother began having some problems and I took in his twins. They are now 6 years
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    Hello, I am glad your treatment is working for you. I looked in to it for my mom and I got scared off. I give you credit for your bravery. My mom stroked at 55. We went to the ER and she was sent home after a catscan with a migraine. She could barely walk. Hours later we returned to the ER and were told she had a minor stroke. They said the only treatment was aspirin. They admitted her and put her on the regular floor. Her Dr. said she would be fine she would need a few days in the hospital and a few weeks in rehab. As the hours went on she lost the abilty to swallow and breathe on he
  13. 4mom

    Hi Joe Ann. Welcome to the scariest roller coaster you will ever ride, The Evil Stroke! My mom stroked at the age of 55 and her stroke was a brain stem stroke. Her stroke stripped away everything from the ability to walk, talk, breathe and swallow. She basically lost it all. It has been almost 2 years. The longest 2 years of my life. My mom is/was my best friend. It is so hard to accept that your parents have changed. I would give anything to get my mom back. Doesn't it seem odd that you grieve for someone who is still here? I am her care taker and she is unable to do anything for hersel
  14. 4mom

    I have been caring for my mother for almost 2 years. It has been a long rough road with lots of adjustments. I am still dealing with lots of bouts of depression with her. I don't know what I would do if she were mean to me. She has irrational thoughts and feelings that at this point I just want to scream at her. It is very hard to not take offense to it. I get so sick of hearing she is a burden and that she is wrecking my life. I am doing my best to not make her feel that way and it truly makes me feel like a failure. I think caregiving for someone who is completely dependent on you is th
  15. Any updates on your husband? I hope everything is ok. I have been thinking about you allot and watching for a new post. If you find the time please let us know how everything is going. Take care Ruth
  16. I am the caregiver to my mother who was also locked in. She had her stroke at the age of 55. We were told that her prognosis was poor and that she had a 1 in a million chance of surviving. She was locked in for about a week. She was only able to move her eyes up and down. Her mind was completely there but she was unable to communicate other than by blinking for yes and no. She was on life support for about 2 weeks before they started to weing her off. She had a trech for about 2 months. The first thing she moved was her right foot. Then she began to move her head. It has been almost 2 years a
  17. Steve I am not against stem cell treatment and personally would do anything to make my mom well. I have watched my mother suffer for almost 2 years unable to do anything for herself and would love it if this were the key to making her well. I have no reason to be againgst stem cell. I am someone that doesn't even really have a ethical issue with it. I would love to see this be the answer to all who suffer with debilitating diseases. The truth is that there is no documented information on success with this treatment. I think that there are alot of people on this website that would love for
  18. Peter, Thanks for the fast response. I understand that you are a very busy man. That is why I had asked if someone else could help. When I first heard about this treatment and saw Ian's improvement I wanted my mother to have it "Now". We have watched my mom suffer for almost 2 years unable to do anything for herself, so you can imagine my hastiness for answers. We thought if it could help her regain even 1 thing it would be worth it. I started reading some of the other links mentioned on this website and saw some things that scared me. Yes you know the difference between the types of s
  19. Peter, It is nice to hear all the information that you offer. I have spoken to you a few times on the phone and via email regarding treatment for my mother. I have found it very hard to get my questions answered. I mentioned this to Steve and he said that he has found that you reply very quickly to him. Me and my family were very interested in doing this for my mom. We even had financing for it. I asked very specific questions of you and I did recieve answers to some, but not all. To some of the questions I to be honest felt your answers were evasive. You even offered to supply me wit
  20. So today is the big day! I hope everything is going well. It is a whole new world when you come home. I like you couldn't wait to get my mom home. I had been away from my husband and 2 year old son for 2 months. It was so hard. I just wanted to get home and settle in a routine. It was so depressing being at a hospital or rehab facitlity all the time. I was doing all the work anyway. Once they showed me how to do something I took over on it. Mom had the trech also and we used to sit and wait for respitory to come and put on her pacimere valve before she could start her therapy. I finally just s
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    My mom also has complete sensation and she also gets sore from sitting all day. Recently she has been complaining more about her back hurting , like her spine is pushing into her chair, than her bottom. In the beginning she could barely sit a hour. Now she tolerates about 4-6. Big improvement. It was so confusing to me in the begining about her being able to feel and them saying she was paralyzed. We have always been told that it is a good sign that she has sensation. For whatever that is worth. Ruth
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    Steve, I am like the many others that have thanked you. This site has been like a life line to me. I am the caregiver to my mother who had a brain stem stroke and we were so isolated before I found this site. It has done more for me than paying for therapy. My mom's stroke left her completely disabled and unable to speak just like you. We were told by the doctors that this type of stroke was very rare and her condition locked in syndrome was also very rare. When I tried to find info on the net about it I think I found a 3 sentence paragraph that said that the prognosis was very poor for pat
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  24. I could not imagine loosing my child. You think as a parent you are suppost to go before your child. Sadly it doesn't always work that way. I have to say that you are a strong strong man to still be functioning. You have definitely had more than your share. They say that God never gives you more than you can handle, but I have to ask how much can one person bear? I am a caretaker to my mom who stroked at 55. She lost it all. She has slowly regained very little but is still making progress. My mother was locked in and only able to move her eyes. I get what you say about your wife being i
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    Wow you sound young. How old are you and your husband? I kinda have been where you are, only it was my mom instead of my husband. My mom was only 55 when she had her stroke. Was your husbands a brainstem stroke? Is he locked in? That is what my mom's was and he sounds just like her. For several days after her stroke she could only move her eyes up and down. The doctors said that her prognosis was poor. She was on life support, trech, feeding tube, catheter...the works. It is like one day your life just comes to a complete stop. I could not imagine dealing with this with kids and