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  1. Happy Birthday dalene!

  2. Happy Anniversary dalene!

  3. Happy Birthday dalene!

  4. Happy Anniversary dalene!

  5. Happy Birthday dalene!

  6. Happy Birthday dalene!

  7. Happy Birthday dalene!

  8. Happy Anniversary dalene!

  9. dalene

    I have been thinking about you as well as having you in my prayers. I know in my heart that you are going to get through this!! Keep up the positive attitude, as this, as stroke survivors know, is the key to success. Remember everyone is praying for you.
  10. dalene

    You might try going through the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation. They are a wonderful government agency whose job is to get you working and provide you with equipment to make your job easier for you. When I contacted them my counselor told me they were one of the best kept secrets. They are going to purchase a walkaide for me. Please find your local agency and GOOD LUCK!
  11. dalene

    Julie, I too wear an AFO and have found that Skechers-spokes work well for me. I have brown, black, white with tan, white with red & black, and white with navy. Do not buy the intuition brand as they are very narrow and don't work well with the AFO. I think they are really stylish. My students at school have complemented me on them. I have bought several pair on Ebay at reasonable prices.
  12. dalene

    New York City

    I have just passed my 2 year anniversary and was invited to go on a 3 day trip with some of my students and 2 other teachers. I was supposed to go 2 years ago, but my stroke came a week before we were supposed to go. I was very nervous as to whether i would be able to keep up with a group of high school students, but I DID IT!!!! We left at 9pm on Tuesday night and arrived in New York City at around 5am and had breakfast at a McDonalds. After that we boarded the bus and went to the Today Show ( some of our students made it on TV). We then went on a tour of NBC studios, saw the tree at Rockafeller Center and then to South Street Seaport for lunch, then shopping at China Town, and finally to the hotel to shower and get ready for dinner and to see Mary Poppins--it was wonderful--then finally back to the hotel at 11:30 to get some musc needed rest. The second day was unbelievable! We went to Central Park to see Strawberry Fields and the rest of the group walked down to see the lake. I decided to sit on a bench in the park and save some energy. We then got on the bus for the trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island - what an amazing site. We then boarded the bus to go to lunch at the Empire State building. After a rest at lunch we then WALKED to Macy's and did some shopping, then got on the bus to got to dinner at Bubba Gumps. I then had to walk from Times Square 42nd St. to the theater at 50th st where we saw Alter Boys which is on off Broadway and a show that the kids really enjoyed. We then got on the bus to see the tree lighted at Rockafeller Center, it was gorgoeuos. Finally back to the hotel for bed. The final day we got up for breakfast and off to see the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall. We arrived home at 9:30 last night and I have to say I really missed my own bed. I have to say that I really didn't think I could do it. I found that I walked faster without my cane than with it. I wear an AFO and when I had my stroke, I had complete left-sided paralysis. I continue to do things that I never thought I would be able to do. So when someone tells you that you are not going to see any more improvements, don't listen to them it is up to you to keep working hard to get better.
  13. dalene

    Congatulations on returning to a job that you love. It is a big accomplishment and something hat you should be proud of. Best of luck as you move forward.
  14. dalene

    I am one of the lucky ones who have been able to return to work. I had my stroke on 11/22/05 and ws completlly paralyzed on my left side. My cognitive abilites were completely intact. I was in a rehab facility for 3 weeks and went home able to to stairs with the aid of a quad can and not much use of my hand and arm. After much hard work and a never give up attitude, I returned to my job as a high school math teacher ( Algebra II & PreCalculus) the following August. I returned with a cane and used overheads. Today, approaching my 2 year anniverary, I walk without a cane - though not very fast and will be going with students on a field trip to New York City for 3 days. Never give up hope--it is possible to return to work. It is probably the best decision that I made when given the choice. Best of luck to your mother. My prayers are with you both. Dalene
  15. dalene

    Ross and Family, You in in my thoughts and prayers. My deepest sympathy. Dalene
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