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    Just an offer the wall suggestion, but have you tried surrounding towns? Even if you have to drive her an hour or two..if you get a place for like 150 bucks that'll pay for itself in gas. That is just an exorbatant rate. For that amount of money you could also hire someone just to sit with her for like $100 and pay for a nurse to visit two hours or so to do all the heavy work like bathing her, make sure shes ok(maybe 60-80 bucks)....but then I dont know of your situation..my hubby is ok with bladder its just that he needs diaper changed when he poops which is usually less than twice a day.
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    To Kristina from panama city, Hi, was reading your posts and noticed (if i read correctly)you said respite care for your mom would cost $300. I know that to pay for a nurse aid costs around $20 an hour, but I dont think the whole day rate should necessarily be that expensive. AARP did a report where the average cost was reported to be $180 for inpatient respite. I know some might be more, but some might be cheaper as well. When I was trying to get hubby in SNF I went to check out a bunch of that and the lady who showed me the one property said their fee was $80 a day. Granted the place