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Stroke Caregiver - male
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    My husband, Daughter and her family (husband and 3 grandkids) My DOG, Rocky. TN Football. Love the Fall season and looking forward to cool weather. Good friends. Love to laugh. My husband has such a good sense of humor and is constantly cracking himself up when he tries to talk (since his stroke).
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  1. Happy Anniversary TNstroke61306!

  2. Happy Anniversary TNstroke61306!

  3. Happy Anniversary TNstroke61306!

  4. Happy Birthday TNstroke61306!

  5. Hi Sue,

    I haven't been on chat for awhile but George and I are still doing fine. How are you and Ray? Miss Tuesday chats. Hope you are well., Love Wendie

  6. Hello strokenet friends. I have missed participating in chats and blogs.

  7. Hello strokenet friends. I have missed participating in chats and blogs.

  8. Happy Anniversary TNstroke61306!

  9. Happy Birthday TNstroke61306!

  10. TNstroke61306

    This is George and me during Christmas Holidays. We had such a nice Christmas with family this year. Hope you all have a Happy New Year 2011.
  11. TNstroke61306

    George in TN

    George and Wendie
  12. Hi Sue, I enjoyed chatting the other night with you and the others. I will try and get on each Tuesday. It really helps to connect with other caregivers. Hugs to you!!, Wendie

  13. Happy Anniversary TNstroke61306!

  14. Happy Birthday TNstroke61306!

  15. TNstroke61306

    Hi Sue, George calls me Momma most of the time because he can't remember my name. Sometimes he calls me Marie (his sister's name. I know he knows I am his wife because he still likes to pat my bumm everytime I walk by him, in fact he is grinning at me as I write this. He is so funny and hasn't lost his sense of humor. When he is real tired that is when he is the least cognizant and his aphasia is the worst. He usually cracks up when he tries to say something and it comes out all garbled. I laugh and tell him he has invented his own language. Can you believe it's been four years since his stroke? I know it's been a lot more for Ray. I keep forgetting to chat on Tuesday nite but I miss the commaradarie. Take care and maybe next week I can remember to logon. HUGS, Wendie