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  4. l_klakring

    Feeling Crappy

    I just can't seem to get it together. Today has been the worst in a long time. I don't know that there is any weather coming; actually, it is suppose to rain in the next couple of days and Sunday we have a chance of snow flurries. Recently, I have been having pain shooting up the back left side of my head, just like before my stroke. My whole left neck area was extremely inflamed this morning, it was so painful. It kind of scared me. In the hospital, the drs. told my family that I have a 1% chance of having another stroke, along w/ the rest of the general population. But now w/ this inflammatory pain, I am wondering if they took into consideration my vein condition, where my veins keep growing and branching out. Does reason say that now I am older, the veins are not as elastic and pliable? That they would be thinner and more brittle? What would this portend for the kids? They want me to get well and get out and start living my life on my own. What if this doesn't happen? I have a plan to eventually start work and hopefully support myself in about a year's time. I haven't done anything to accomplish any of these goals. What is wrong w/ me? I just don't want to do anything any more. I need an "uumph," a jolt, something to get me re-started. Hopefully, this blog will shame me into action again. Take Care. LK PS: I hope I can write "crappy" w/out getting into trouble.
  5. l_klakring

    It is times like these that we survivors cannot find the proper words to convey our gratitude for the love and care of our caretakers. I am so sorry you had to go through such a hard time but it describes what you caregivers go through 24 hours a day and no day of rest in the 7 day week. Take Care. LK
  6. l_klakring

    And here I was so hoping you were going to write that eating ice cream is a great cure for sleeplessness! Good luck in all your endeavors. Getting used to the cold takes some time while your blood thickens. Take Care. LK
  7. l_klakring

    I don't know you and I don't know all the aspects of your physical condition and finally, I am no doctor. So, in a generic sense, I agree w/ the other (2) ladies. Get through the load you have on your shoulders now and then see what can be done in the Spring and/or Summer. I know people who drive w/ one eye so it is a "doable" thing. In my state, we do have to take a vision test. When I first went to get my license when I was a teenager, I looked into the machine and I could not see the signs; they were out of focus. Now, my eyesight was good so I didn't know what the matter was. Later, someone told me, "Everybody knows you close one eye when you take the vision test and then you can see the signs correctly." So, Go Figure.... Take Care. LK
  8. l_klakring

    I agree w/ you about exercising. I think its vitally important to recovery. On days that I really don't feel well and cannot drag myself to exercise, I feel it the next day. So no matter how badly I feel, I try to do some kind of exercise everyday. The funny thing I have discovered is that sitting still is really bad on my body, so I exercise throughout the day. Take Care. LK
  9. l_klakring

    Its great you got your pocketbook back. It brought up memories for me about my Mom. She had a penchant for leaving her pocketbook at church. It happened so many times, it was a joke. She said she couldn't think of a safer place to forget her pocketbook.
  10. l_klakring

    Who says inanimate objects like appliances don't have character? I told my staff never to turn their backs on the copy machine at work because it would go haywire. Of course, the staff told me I was not allowed to use the copy machine w/out adult supervision It was a running joke. Take Care. LK
  11. l_klakring

    Sorry for the Inconvenience

    I just received information regarding sending Seasonal cards to injured soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital. The person who sent me that email wrote me to say that WR preferred people make donations to a list of organizations whose names they provided in a list. That info was not sent to me. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. Take Care. LK
  12. l_klakring

    When I was young, my mother hired a lady to come to our house to help with the cleaning and help with us kids. I remember my mother telling us that the lady was coming and we were to address her as "Mrs. Newton." Mrs. Newton was a highly educated and loving lady to us kids. She was with our family for many years until we moved too far away. Prejudice was never an issue in our family and, in later years, when I came upon it, I couldn't understand that anyone would feel hatred because someone else had a different skin color. I still don't understand it. I think this was probably the greatest gift my parents passed onto us. I think the reason we were so unaware was because we lived in the suburbs of the boondocks...away from everything. As to some of the words that are bandied about these days, and the consensus is that everyone says them, well, I don't. Why must language be so rude? No one has the right to denigrate anyone else. I don't understand why we have to be so rude to each other. Take Care. LK
  13. l_klakring

    Bonnie--I had to chuckle when you wrote I should train the dog to do his business in the same area of the yard. Of course, you know there is a story to that. Some years ago, my brother-in-law, who was in the Navy, was stationed in Norfolk, VA. One day, while we were visiting him, we were driving out of his neighborhood, when we saw this Great Dane come out of his (the dog's) house w/ a saucer in his mouth. We watched as this dog dropped the plate, sniffed around his yard, found a spot, went and p/u the plate and sat it down. He then turned around and did his business. When he was finished, he p/u the plate and pranced back to his door where he was let in, filled plate and all. We were totally stymied and guffawing in the car. Now, I have trained my dogs all my life but I never thought to train them to do that! I thought it was a great idea. I don't know if I could do it but I can certainly try! Take Care. LK
  14. l_klakring


    I'm getting a new dog! I have bemoaned the fact here that I so want a dog. A big dog so that I can put my arms around him and know I am hugging a dog. The dog is a good dog and he likes cats. (We'll see what the cats think of that!) My good friend and buddy found a dog whose owner has to move into an apartment and cannot take the dog w/ her. The dog is a Golden Retriever and is 4 years old. His name is "Lucky." I think I will change his name to "Luke." Sounds close enough to "Lucky." I am so excited. My friend is making arrangements for us to meet w/in the next couple of days. Minor Detail: I haven't told the kids. I hope it won't be such a trauma. Also, I received an email from my cousin giving an address to send Christmas cards to injured soldiers. This is a wonderful idea and I thought I would pass it along to all of you, if you wish to send Christmas cards to these deserving brave souls. There are all kinds of soldiers of all kinds of religions so the cards don't all have to be Christmas cards. A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20307-5001 Take Care. LK
  15. l_klakring

    I am so glad everything went well. Now you can rest and store up your energy. I had no idea Christmas was so close. I suppose I should at least get the Christmas Cards. We usually don't start shopping until after Thanksgiving. I used to wait to go shopping on Christmas Eve Day. That was fun. But not now. Take Care. LK
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