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  1. Happy Anniversary rdittman!

  2. Happy Anniversary rdittman!

  3. Happy Anniversary rdittman!

  4. Hi Bob: Best of luck with your recovery. Henry

  5. rdittman

    I have thought about this too, and I also had a PFO (which is what Lenny seems to have had) that was corrected because they thought that was the main reason for it. Regardless, I know so much more about prevention than I did before my stroke, and feel fairly confident with my health regimen and the doc's checking me out now and again, that I am determined to not worry about it. That will only raise my BP, and as you know, that is not good for stroke prevention.
  6. Happy Birthday rdittman!

  7. rdittman

    Thank you everybody for your kind comments. Again, my story is to never give up hope. Here I am typing with both hands, something I couldn't do 4 months ago, and typing roughly about as fast as I did before the stroke. Never, ever give up hope that recovery can come. I know that God healed me, and am confident that He can do the same with anybody else, whether it be stroke related or other ailments or disabilities. Yes, I worked hard in the past 3+ years to gain movement, keeping my affected limbs as limber as I possibly could, so there is something to say of perseverance too. Keep at your exercises and also keep the faith. Blessings to you all.
  8. rdittman

    I'm really back!

    It has been very long since I entered a blog, so now is the time. After 3+ years in a wheelchair or using a walker, I am now on my feet and operating fairly normally, if that is what you call it. My movement started coming back about 4 months ago, and though it was surprising, I feel it was truly from God. What a blessing. I still have a little bit of tendinitis from lack of use over the past several years, my CPS still flares up, a little spasticity in my affected hand and I have had a couple of weird seizures or TIA's since this movement has come back, but I'll really take that over the lack of movement. The most recent CT scans show no evidence of the previous stroke or anything abnormal. I am now able to walk for many miles, though running is out of the question at the moment. I don't think I want to run anyway. Hard on my already damaged knees. I go swimming at my complex pool. I've tried bowling too, though I wound up spraining my hand as the result of trying. The hand is almost OK now. Since I was right handed, and that was my affected side, I am able to write and do things with that hand again. With the new movement, I am able to get in a good exercise routine, along with getting physical therapy, and have been steadily losing weight. I am eating better as well, as a choice to get healthier. I have dropped almost 40 pounds in the past year, and 15 since I got my movement back. I really feel so much better with the extra weight off. I also have a new lady friend, and she has been a great coach and cheerleader, keeping me on track, as I do with her and her weight loss and exercise routine. To all my friends at StrokeNet, I just want to say to never give up. You never know if any deficits you have may be reversed at any time. Sometimes surprising things do happen. God bless you all, Bob
  9. I've often thought I don't have the same umph to my voice after my stroke, but it isn't as noticable as it is for some. I can still get loud when I need, but my normal speaking voice doesn't carry like it used to. Yes, I agree this is a good topic.
  10. I was just discussing this very thing in chat yesterday. My brain has locked up several times over the past few months, generally when I'm tired. I call it confusion, but it's almost like amnesia. And yes, it is scary. I see my doctor soon, and will be discussing this with him. I might suggest you do the same, and see what kinds of answers he/she gives.
  11. rdittman

    Good to see you back Jan. We kind of lost touch. Hope to see you in chat soon. Blessings, Bob
  12. Today's Quote

    We can never live in the past as if it were our true home…. And it is a good thing that God draws this veil over the past even without our asking. In so doing, He allows us to live today for tomorrow with just the few memories we need of what was.

  13. rdittman

    I am so glad everything went well. It was a load off my mind to get my closure done. I wasn't so much worried about the procedure, as I was about having another stroke. So now, on with life! Blessings, Bob
  14. Hi, Ann is right. They pay out starting the sixth full month of disability. Generally they start paying a monthly benefit if you have been waiting more than 6 months, and then send the additional back benefits, if any have accrued, at a later date. They have to calculate all the parameters and tend to be a bit slow with the process. I imagine they have more work than they could ever handle at any one time, but that doesn't mean you cannot be impatient. I always call my case worker if I have any questions. I can be a pest with her, so she knows that I'll keep bugging her if I don't get a response. :big_grin: Bob
  15. I too had upper arm pain, and it was attributed to my shoulder subluxation. After working with the arm and being careful how I carried it on a daily basis, the pain went away for the most part. A little heat generally helps the muscles relax, but if there is swelling, a cold pack might be a better alternative. As for CPS, I'm not sure it would manifest itself that way, but anything is possible. If you can get a second, third, fourth or whatever opinion, it might help. Every doctor seems to have their own ideas, and you might just have one come up with the right solution for you. Best of everything to you, Bob
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