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    Reading, cross-stitch, knitting (glad I can do it), talking with friends, limited travel, playing with my cats, computering especially the stokeboard. I hope some day to again be able to garden and do more traveling ... cooking too. One day at a time I am getting better.
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  1. Happy Anniversary AZ Leah!

  2. AZ Leah

    Asha~ I always find your blogs uplifting. I've been in the dumps lately and know I would feel better if I blogged but I haven't made myself do it yet. God will only help you if you help yourself, right? I have been readying spiritual books every day so hopefully something will touch my Spirit to get going! Leah
  3. Happy Birthday AZ Leah!

  4. AZ Leah

    this is a great discussion topic. I am constantly being challenged by change - the latest of which was the worse, the death of my husband 4 years ago. I am still in an upside down mode and am waiting with patience for the Lord to tell me my next move. Leah
  5. Happy Anniversary AZ Leah!

  6. I'm so happy for you. My husband and I went to Italy (a dream of mine) before my stroke. I would not have been able to handle it after my stroke. And of course, Jerry passed away in 2011 so I am grateful he agreed to go. We had an awesome time and met lots of wonderful people. In fact one of the couples who was on our tour from CT (I'm in AZ) we hooked up with and toured Glacier National Park in Canada; had a wonderful time. I'm still in touch with her by email. As you know I haven't blogged in a while or been in chat. It seems as though when Jerry died, my whole world turned upside down and I can't right it. Maybe some day God will give me what I need to get my life right again. Fondly, Leah
  7. Happy Anniversary AZ Leah!

  8. Happy Birthday AZ Leah!

  9. AZ Leah

    Happy Anniversary Asha. I love cruises also and am so grateful my honey and I went on several before my stroke. And yes the water is so calm and soothing. I have many photos I can reflect on I never learned how to surf...too old; don't miss it at all. Leah
  10. AZ Leah

    I also add my condolences. I have lost many cats and each time it is so sad and so hard. I think it it beautiful the way you two reacted that final night with her little crys and you petting her. She knew it was her time and you probably did too. We lost a cat right after I cam home from my stroke. He had spent every day and night with my husband when i was in the hospital. He cried too. When it was time, we adopted a new cat and when Jerry died 2 1/2 years ago he finally took to me. I swear he is reincarnated; he even sleeps with me on occasion. Grief will come and go and maybe you will feel a time to rescue another beautiful kitten. Leah
  11. AZ Leah

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! !

    HAPPY NEW YEAR STAY SAFE AND MAKE STROKE RECOVERY A PRIORITY IN 2014 SO WE CAN ALL HAVE BETTER LIVES. BE HAPPY, HEALTHY AND SPIRITUAL. love you all, LEAH :friends: :cocktail: :happydance: :Clap-Hands: :Dance: :Jammin: :cheer: :music_band:
  12. AZ Leah


    BEFORE THE DAY IS OVER I WANT TO ADD MY WISHES OF A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE HERE ON STOKEBOARD.NET. MAY THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH AS THE NEW YEAR TURNS. I PRAY EVERYONE IS SAFE AND YOU HAVE HEAT, WATER AND NO ICE ON YOUR TREES LIKE SOME OF MY RELATIVES IN MICHIGAN. For a change I am happy in Arizona with the low 60's and nights in the low 40's and I have heat, water and no ice, although some of the city does have some ice on the windshields in the mornings. Reminds me of days gone by. For 2014 I plan to continue working out to get stronger. No telling what will happen. Of course, I'm sure the good Lord know. Happy Birthday Jesus. Fondly, Leah
  13. Time to get back on the horse I fell off. I ended up going into HealthSouth rehab to jump back into physical therapy. I cannot say it helped too much except to point out to me how far I had fallen off the horse. They used e-stim on my left leg but I think you need a lot of zaps for it to do much good. Because I went in on a Friday and they don’t do much over the weekend, I only had 7 days of therapy and some was occupational and speech which I felt I didn’t need. My gait isn’t much different; I came home last Wednesday. Most of the PT was done on raised mats which I do not have at home and I can’t lie on the floor because I can’t get up. Yesterday I tried a group of exercises on a pretty firm mattress in my guest room and today my back really hurts which is probably why. My first outpatient appt is next Tuesday, so I will see what they have to say. I am not taking many pain meds on purpose so my mind is clearer. I feel one thing that started my downward spiral is Oct was the 2nd anniversary of Jerry’s death and I really fell into depression; I think the first year was all shock and acceptance. I tried in-home PT from Bayada but felt it didn’t work at the time. In retrospect it was probably better than I realized. Today I went back to the Bayada exercises because I can do them standing or sitting. I know I cannot stop; I didn’t even know how to write this blog. So, it’s time to “come clean”; I am not good at exercise and it sure shows. The first 3 years were great and with so much progress I got spoiled. Then 3 falls later I fell off the horse. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving; I am not allowing myself to beat myself up but will continue to take it a day at a time. I think of you all a lot even though I’ve been absent from the boards. Fondly, Leah 
  14. AZ Leah

    Off to Rehab Again

    Hi All: Due to the decline in my stroke recovery process, the social worker said I needed in-house physical rehab badly. She needed an evaluation from my PT caregiver and Bayada and a script from my doctor. She was surprised I had gone down this much without the doctor sending me before. I've been begging and literally crying to no avail. So i most likely will change drs when I get out. I should be out in 2 weeks, hopefully a lot stronger. I have been praying for a change and hopefully this is it and it works. I think the rehab center has a computer room so hopefully you can email me and I can post my progress. I am going to do my best to be strong. I think this is my last chance. So, say some prayers for me please and I'll do the same for those of your who need them. Fondly, Leah
  15. AZ Leah

    I've traveled that mt. road a lot too and it can be fun if there is no car crash stopping traffic. I used to love the holidays; not I don't like them at all, especially with Jerry gone. After my stroke I slowed down decorating but I got well enough to do some; now none is my motto. Tucson nights have gotten very chilly but the days are great still. Fred, I hope your recovery is on the up-swing; I wish mine was but I am now researching something new. All my lab tests have dome back negative, which is good but I wish they would find something other than depression. Leah
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