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  1. Happy Anniversary Dickons!

  2. Happy Anniversary Dickons!

  3. Happy Anniversary Dickons!

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  6. Dickons

    Hi Katrina, I haven't been here much as I was away getting married, thank you notes, etc. so I have just read your recent entries. YOU are totally amazing. YOU are going somewhere. YOU have it in you to succeed. YOU are doing it. Congratulations! I always have to give advice...try centering all the objects on your tray and then open your hand wide and palm side up slide it under the tray to the middle. Smoothly lift the tray to where your elbow is bent and you feel comfortable. Do not look at the tray, look ahead and walk. I waitressed for 16 years so give it a try. Last piece of advice. Keep a set of silverware with you, you can wash it later. I always kept my own set of silverware at my desk at work. Kind regards, Dickons
  7. Dickons

    Hi Katrina, My stroke issues are not the same as yours but I have my own why nots. You do have a future, you are smart, get a good education and a great job and have a personal driver. Could you imagine? How much fun that would be riding around with your own driver. I think I would make that one of my goals. Kind regards, Dickons
  8. Dickons

    Hi George, People sometimes only hear what they want to, I know I am one of them but...I hate pain and if there is something other than more meds I listen. I tried accupunture for my pain across my shoulder and it did help break the cycle so that now I am recognising the signs before it gets too bad. Next week I will be almost due north of you (Chapleau, Ontario) getting ready to get married. My fiance will be out fishing for pike and pickeral at least a couple of times - he can hardly wait as we do not have them out west. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me that it will be nice the 4th of August - get Tippy to cross her toes too. Cheers, Dickons
  9. Dickons

    Very good, well written. Two comments to consider. I would put the word "community" or "local" or "get together'' type of word in the first sentence before the word group. Something to describe the benefit and type of group to get them to continue to read - you have 7 seconds to grab their attention. None of the words above may be quite right but they may trigger the one you need. I would also add a sentence like:If you know of anyone who would be interested please tell them about us. Most people do know others that would be interested but if you don't ask they may not think of it. Cheers, Dickons
  10. Dickons

    Katrina we all have days where we need to vent and it's okay to do it. I am pleased that you are active and working on everything. Congrats on that because you are learning what works and doesn't and that will help you achieve other goals in life. Check out the stores on line that are in your area. Do the window shopping on line and you will then know just what you want to get so you will be ahead of the game. Kind regards, Dickons
  11. Dickons

    Hi Susie, Get a dog. I was lucky and found my "Gem" on-line at a SPCA in northern BC. She was just around a year old and had been surrendered. They flew her down and I picked her up at the airport. I had my heart attack and stroke about a month after getting Gem and I believe she is one of the main reasons I am doing as well today. Talk to a shelter or vet and tell them what is going on in your home and that you are looking for a companion dog for husband. There are many dogs that are just waiting for the right match and will give so much more than they will cost. I would get an adult or close to an adult dog as they are the ones who desperately need someone to adopt them. The bond between man and dog is one that rises above human understanding. If you want specific ideas for the type of dog send me a PM and I will gladly give my input. Cheers, Dickons
  12. Dickons

    Hi Fred, Thanks for the note. Procrastination on filling out and submitting the application is why it took so long. I was a landed immigrant/permanent resident and just kept putting it off for no good reason, time just slipped by with the ups and downs of life. I wish I had done it sooner but... Cheers, Dickons
  13. Dickons

    I am Canadian

    Yesterday, I became a Canadian citizen. The ceremony was very well done. While the paperwork was checked and seat assignments were being given, we watched an interesting slide show on the history of citizenship in Canada. Once everyone was seated we were warmly welcomed and told how the ceremony would proceed. The judge then spoke to us about citizenship, what it meant to him to become a Canadian and then become a Judge. He talked about Canada's values and how other countries view Canada. How pleased Canada was to have us become citizens, about the rights and freedoms Canadian's have, how they will not be taken away, and how Canada welcomes being a multi-culturism society. We were also told that there were 96 of us in the room to take the citizenship oath, and that the number of countries we were immigrating from totalled 40. 96 new citizens from 40 different countries - multi-culturism at it's best. We then repeated the oath of citizenship in French and then English. After that we each went up and received our official documents and the judge shook hands, welcomed and congratulated each individually. We then returned to our seats and a few more words were spoken and then we stood and sang the Canadian Anthem "O Canada", (thankfully in English). After that there was a celebration with coffee and cake and the chance to take pictures. Very moving experience to go through. Tomorrow, July 1st, I will celebrate my first Canada Day as a Canadian Citizen. I have celebrated Canada Day since the 80's as a landed immigrant. Tomorrow will be special. We are having dinner with my former boss and his wife - two very good people. Cheers! Dickons
  14. Dickons

    Hi Katrina, First off - really glad you are still blogging and listening to others advice, even if you choose not to take it - you read it and thought it through, and made your own decision...How many other young adults would? Kudo's to a young adult who uses her brain. Everyone's ideas are great, if you like them but cannot implement them bring the reason why back here: Can't find it? Someone will know where to look. Can't afford it? Someone will know how to get a grant or discount, etc. Too scared or shy to be different and stand out? Everyone is different and whether or not you can pull it off with style and grace is all in the attitude. Don't believe me? Try it the next time you go out - look a person straight in the eye, when they make eye contact back, smile a bit to acknowledge them - what happened next? The next person you see keep your eyes down but watch them, they will not initiate contact because your attitude told them not too. Everything in life works the same way - you will get back what you give. What I do to have a life, is to find the short cuts to keep the fatigue at bay. Consider a scooter, make it unique so it becomes intriguing to others. Make people interested in the girl with the scooter. You have a chance most of us do not. The chance to teach other young adults that just because we are different we are not scary or strange, just different. You can show them that stereotypes are wrong. Imagine a world without stereotypes, you can make a difference. Manage the fatigue, everyone has to manage something, asthma, diabetes, deafness, not as smart, too shy, too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, etc, etc. Save the energy you spend walking for life, be open, make eye contact, smile. Try it for a week. You have the ability, find a way to make it happen. Kind regards, Dickons
  15. Dickons

    Congratulations Kim! Setting the goal is the first step to accomplishing it. 110 degrees would have made me melt...I like the Pacific Northwest's weather, something around 70 degrees is more my style. Way to go and doesn't it feel great at the end to have accomplished so much. Cheers, Dickons
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