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  1. dreinke

    Years pass

    It has been years since posting here or replying to content. Too busy living life. Just got back from a two week trip to Spain. I keep busy updating my personal blog and writing chapters in a collaborative stroke book. I barely have enough time writing 5-25 posts a day to visit stroke forums along with a full time job. Deans' Stroke Musings for those who aren't offended by swearing. 11 years and having the time of my life. My 10,000 step a day goal has been going strong for 13 weeks.
  2. Happy Anniversary dreinke!

  3. dreinke

    Well maybe you actually want to do the complete opposite, research on high altitude angiogenesis. But don't listen to anything I have to say, I'm not medically trained. Training the Brain to Survive Stroke at high altitudes
  4. Happy Anniversary dreinke!

  5. And it only took 4 years 1 month. www.oc1dean.blogspot.com I like having my own blog where I can say completely outrageous things like the entire stroke medical world is f-bombed up, and then prove it by pointing to research they should be following. This does not meet Dale Carnegies book, 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. I will need someone else to play the good cop. http://www.oc1dean.blogspot.com/2014/09/1-million-views-of-this-blog.html
  6. dreinke

    Sounds like you're doing good Bob. Congratulations.
  7. dreinke

    I'm in East Lansing, I can travel if you want to get together for coffee some weekend
  8. dreinke

    Vision of a stroke survivor

    I have visions and I'm soft in the head, I've actually become smarter and more focused post-stroke. All strokes are immediately diagnosed via the tri-corder into ischemic vs. haemorrhagic. In the ambulance. Then those suitable for tPA are serviced with magnetic nanoparticle tPA that is directed to the exact spot of the blockage via magnets. And since tPA has an appalling 12% efficacy rate we go directly to the stopping of the neuronal cascade of death has been identified with some of these 31 things contributing to this. Specific dead and damaged neurons are helped via angiogenesis, neurogenesis, arteriogenesis, stem cells and scaffolding. The leftover disabilities are helped by the protocols that address exactly how neuroplasticity causes neighboring neurons to help those in need. The complete vision includes almost 100% recovery for every survivor. I see no reason this can't be accomplished. There is enough research out there for most of this already. My 4600 posts can be used as a template for what needs to be done and researched to meet this goal. I challenge the WSO to do better, they have plenty of PhD.s that should know more than me. All stroke survivors questions will be answered via personalized responses to the stroke knowledge database. This will be completely different than the crap answer the National Stroke Association provided to this question. ' What therapies are available for spasticity?' 'This question falls under our organizational guidelines as a medical inquiry and we defer to the medical community to respond. '
  9. What I do and it still hasn't worked yet. My finger control area is dead so first I have to relocate the control area, no medical person knows how to do this. I use mirror box therapy thermal stimulation, action observation, mental imagery, passive movement. Research documentation is available at Deans' Stroke Musings.
  10. IT is a great vocation to get into, companies are finally realizing that outsourcing all programing to India just pushes the work onto other parts of the business. When I went back to my programming job I needed 4-5 cups of coffee every morning to counteract the fatigue I was experiencing. Fatigue is barely helped by cardiovascular exercise. The hardest part was participating in group discussions, at first I couldn't formulate a response to contribute in real time, that you should be able to work on in class assignments. You will be able to tell as you do your classwork how well you can handle a job. I can't tell you what type you should get into because I'm completely old school, mainframes, assembler and Cobol. Good luck, Dean
  11. dreinke

    7 years post stroke and I'm getting divorced and glad about it. My wife had unresolved borderline personality disorder so everything had to be done exactly her way. New job in a different location pointed out I was better off by myself.
  12. dreinke

    The latest 'research' NeuroAiD, a Stroke Treatment Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Increases Chances of Recovery Here's a negative review by Peter Levine; http://recoverfromstroke.blogspot.com/2011/04/neuroaid-theives.html Here's a review by Skeptigirl: CAM taking advantage of stroke patients
  13. dreinke

    when you talk to your doctor see if he/she knows about this latest research. Cognitive basis proposed for fatigue after stroke http://www.news-medical.net/news/20120917/Cognitive-basis-proposed-for-fatigue-after-stroke.aspx
  14. dreinke

    For your hand try action observation http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22522432 http://gradworks.umi.com/34/87/3487903.html A good dissertation and they even tested this on chronic patients, so as a result therapy departments need to get videos of all kinds of movements for patients to study. This will lead to my looking for hand videos. Video here: and here: And here: And Here: But none of these videos are functional so I guess they are worthless Don't listen to me(I know nuthin) this needs to come from your therapists. Dean
  15. dreinke

    Are we having more strokes?

    I'll be provocative here. :Rant-On: ARE we having more strokes? WILL they have devastating consequences? These do not overly worry the placidly ensconced. The solution is the responsibility of medical world. YOU do more work. YOU cater to my indifference and confusion. YOU make it easy for me. It's YOUR problem, not mine. This was paraphrased from Tom Toles' comment on saving the environment copied below: ARE we changing the climate? WILL it have devastating consequences? These do not overly worry the placidly ensconced. The environment is the responsibility of "environmentalists". YOU do more work. YOU cater to my indifference and confusion. YOU make it easy for me. It's YOUR planet, not mine. --Tom Toles\ To bluntly paraphrase: Get off your butts and take some responsibility for the stroke solution. No one is doing anything, especially our stroke associations. :growl: :crazysmile: :Rant-Off: