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  1. GeorgeLesley

    Traveling while we can…

    Well life has been busy here for sure. Lesley had a great time for two weeks in Iceland. She saw the volcano erupting there and many other things of interest. She has convinced me to go there in July. She wants to go back and see some areas she missed and I want to see it as well, so off we go. She went to Dollywood earlier this week with a lady friend of hers and that lady’s two twin grandchildren. After a swim upon arrival, the lady got a call and her father had passed away unexpectedly. So they all came back and Lesley hopped a plane yesterday to go see some family in Florida. She will be b
  2. GeorgeLesley

    Moving on with life

    As I write this Lesley is traveling around Iceland in a rental car. She is on a two week adventure there alone and having a ball. She has fallen in love with the people and the unique countryside. I did not go because somebody had to take care of our 14 yr old dog Tippy. Just before Lesley left we unexpectedly had to put Tippy down. So I am actually alone now and we may go back to Iceland together at some point, she really wants me to see it. Being alone has given me a chance to catch up on many “honeydo’s”. Lesley is still hoping she can return to New Zealand sometime later this
  3. GeorgeLesley

    Spring awakening

    Well spring is on the way, buildings going up near us. A neighbor has just finished a large out building to store his farm implements in. Also the vacant lot next to us is having a house built on it this year, construction to start soon. I hope they are prepared for the cost of building materials these days. Wow, have they gone up. Anyway life seems to be reawakening and so are Lesley and I. We both have been vaccinated now and are ready to start doing something, but hard to find a good place to go these days. Lesley has a severe case of cabin fever and really wants to go somewhere
  4. GeorgeLesley

    New year, new times, new challenges

    At this time of year I like t evaluate the past year and see what worked and what didn’t. I then try t look ahead and see what we should prepare for and what I want to accomplish in the next year. So here goes. Obviously most of us would declare 2020 was a bad year not to be repeated. Since we all look at things through our own perspectives and our personal situation, we all probably have different thoughts about the past year. To start with I try to evaluate things that were within my control and things that were not. I don’t like to dwell on things not within my control since the
  5. GeorgeLesley

    Wow, brings back childhood memories of when my mom used to make exactly the same thing. Cleaning out our freezer a week ago, Lesley came across some of these she had made a few years ago. They are now gone. Thanks for the memories.
  6. GeorgeLesley

    Thanks Sue. All my life I have admired musicians and enjoyed music, but never had time or money to pursue it myself. Somehow the passing of my best man friend last year triggered me to get on with what was still on my bucket list and I woke up one day and decided I was going to try it. So I went down town that day and bought a used instrument at a small price to see if I could even do the basics. Now I can’t wait for my daily practice sessions! So far I am self taught with the help of the guy, now good friend, who sold me my first instrument and books I have picked up and some hints from Lesle
  7. GeorgeLesley

    Christmas video’s

    Just a short entry today. As I mentioned some time back I am trying to learn to play the mountain dulcimer. I started practicing a year ago and have made a bit of progress. I am self taught so not perfect by any means, but thoroughly enjoying myself. I just finished two Christmas videos and I wanted to share them here. They can be easily seen by going to and just typing in my name, George Gradek. There will be three videos show up. “Christmas medley 1”, “Christmas medley 2”, and “ode to mum” which I came up with as I was practicing Michael Rowed The Boat Ashore the day after mum pa
  8. GeorgeLesley

    Thx for all the great comments and stories. I hope we can all use this bad time in the world to reflect on ourselves a bit. Asha, no I do not have natural kids. The first wife was an insulin dependent diabetic and back in the early 1970’s childbirth was not recommended for type 1 diabetics. In fact, she lost a sister giving birth to a child, so we made the no kids decision. We did attempt adoption but being overseas for the first 7 years of our marriage, that did not work out either. Lesley has a son and he and I get along very well and I am proud to consider him my son as well. Wh
  9. GeorgeLesley

    Musings and random thoughts.....

    Recently this blog has become mostly historical reporting on what we have been doing and what we hope to do in the future. This entry will be a bit different, musings and thoughts that just come along, so lets get on with it. Most of us have had lots of extra time as of late to just think about things, read books, catch up with old friends which is easy because you are sure they will be home, eat into the “honey do” list, etc, etc. well, I am no different so while I have been stroking my beard covered chin musing about the state of the world, I have also thought much about my life (now75) and
  10. GeorgeLesley

    Bad news, this time it is for real

    Sad to report that Lesley’s mum has passed away. We had felt she was at that point several years ago but she was a strong resilient lady. This time however she had a massive stroke and slumped over and never spoke or moved effectively again. After 5 days with no food or water since she could not swallow, she died peacefully and in no apparent pain. She did open her eyes one last time with her last breath. we are of course sad. We are relieved she went without apparent physical suffering. It was, of course difficult for us but we got through it. We kept the family well apprised of w
  11. GeorgeLesley

    I don’t know what your deficits are, they are likely different than what mine are/were. But two things that greatly turned my life around were Saeboflex for my left hand/arm and Active release to get my muscles moving again. The Saeboflex really woke my left am/hand up and was covered by insurance. The active release got me walking again and able to carry my canoe again but was not covered by insurance. It took me 10 treatments which I paid for myself and it was worth every penny. i also tried several other things, just like you including acupuncture(limited short term benefit), ne
  12. GeorgeLesley

    I would suggest you consider a mountain dulcimer like I play. One of the main reasons I chose it is because it only has three strings and the melody string which is played with the left hand only uses one finger to slide up and down the fret board. No chording needed! Many players now do chord with it but the original dulcimers were not built with a fret under all the strings, only the melody string. I play mine that way and do not attempt any chording, dulcimers usually come with two melody strings to increase volume, but many (like me) take one melody string off, much easier to t
  13. GeorgeLesley

    Waiting it out

    We are waiting things out like the rest of the world these days. Lots of small news nothing dramatic to report. We got our grand daughter back home to New Zealand finally. She was trapped for a few weeks in Northern Ireland. She was visiting family and stayed a bit too long and then for awhile could not get back to NZ. We finally got her a ticket on Qatar Airlines and she is back home now, but still in a mandatory 2 week isolation. The entire country of NZ is in a lockdown until the end of April anyway so no matter. On a different subject mum is showing signs of change and appears
  14. GeorgeLesley

    Nice to hear you made it to New Zealand. A beautiful country for sure, especially the South Island. I fear cruise ships will not be sailing for awhile now. Lesley really wants to go on one but they are not my thing. So I have strongly encouraged her to find someone else and go enjoy a cruise someday. They will sail again after they upgrade their sanitation and ventilation systems.
  15. GeorgeLesley

    Willis, I grew up in the Elkhart, IND area. 50% of all RV’s in the USA are made in Elkhart county. We have been to the RV Hall of Fame. Neat place. thanks for the kind words about exercising. I really have to force myself to do it some days, but in the end it is worth it.