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  1. Happy Anniversary ksaul!

  2. Happy Anniversary ksaul!

  3. Happy Birthday ksaul!

  4. Happy Birthday ksaul!

  5. ksaul

    hi kimmie.....like bonnie, my last blog and strokenet visit is lost in the cobwebs of the dark ages. sounds to me like texas is the place for you to go! having moved before (as you may remember) from fl back to our real home of mass i suggest a pre-move trip to the part of texas you want to move to. we moved and did not have a place to move to....and with 2 cats and a dog it was stressful. if your hubby can job hunt and then find a house near his work would be ideal! the actual packing is something i would rather forget but...my mottowas "when in doubt throw it out".....lol...or sell it. i so, so, so want things to work out for you...keep us posted. and congrats to matt! hugs! kathy
  6. ksaul

    stu, sounds to me like your doctor is right on the ball and taking all precautions with your health care. please try not to worry. i just got called back from my annual mammogram and had to have a recheck and an ultrasound. all turned out well....i am glad i did not waste time with worry. follow-up, get the test and go from there. it sounds, from other posts, that this is not uncommon. i will be sending you positive thoughts.....keep us posted! hugs! kathy
  7. ksaul

    donna, yeah for you! rah! rah! rah! and another yeah! keep up the great work. i know it's hard (i am back doing pt for my good shoulder) it is tough but so worth it. glad to hear the botox is kicking in........think about making notes regarding when, how long you have results from the shots...the more specific you are the better the doctor can plan for your next botox series. i am so proud of you! hugs! kathy
  8. ksaul

    donna, independence sounds like another word for peace and quiet! enjoy yours. ... you deserve a break. you are a good and strong parent....too many parents want to be friends with their children these days.....kids need boundries not chums. i do hope kristi'sthe senior year will be less of a trauma....maria is right....it is the last year before real life takes the helm! i think lights and such are a good idea for your road trips...it must feel great to be out and about. by the way, i love your new picture....your new, shorter and darker hair is very attractive. :friends: kathy
  9. Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday Dear Kathy, Happy Birthday to you.

    God Bless and enjoy your special day. Hugs, Jan

  10. ksaul

    hi leah, glad you had a good and relaxing vacation! i think it is great you are going to talk with someone about the issues of loss and grief around your stroke. it will more than likely help you move to another level in the acceptance journey. it is hard for people to realize what is lost when a stroke occurs and i think it must be different for each survivor. i know i was never great with dealing with my feelings and when i was seeing someone post stroke he reminded me that feelings ....when felt...will not hurt me. they are just feeling...not good or bad but just part of me. big lesson for this girl. i spent sometime trying to figure out "why" i had my stroke. how could i have hooked up with such a moron for a doctor? this was not energy well spent and i realized i needed to forgive the stupid doctor and move on. the stroke happened and why does not change it.....like donna says, all we have is today....really, this very moment. keep on your recovery path, you are doing great! keep us posted on how you are doing. by the way...great picture! :hug: kathy
  11. TY for your support by signing in. Hope we beat last year's record.

    Hugs, Jan

  12. Hope we beat last year's record.

    Hugs, Jan

  13. ksaul

    kimmie, RELAX! and let the pilot do the flying and your son run interference at the airport. you need all that energy to enjoy your baby jake......take many pictures so we can enjoy and coo how cute he is. have fun and enjoy your sons and grandson...hugs...kathy
  14. ksaul

    Maria, ]cosmetic karma? OMG! now i really have to start to worry cause i am a true sinner. wonder if there are socks that sport french manicure toes on them? i will have to research this.....lol. i bet your toes look awesome. so, in the meantime, enjoy those wonderfuil "girl" shoes and have a great time at your son's banquet. :friends: kathy
  15. ksaul

    donna, too totally cool! cruisin is the song that came to my mind. watch out pittsburgh....donna has got wheels! yeah for you girlfriend! kathy
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