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  1. myhome

    Coming up on my 10 Anniversary

    Now I know I haven't been active here lately, sorry about that. We're getting ready to move in with the kids for awhile, we're both downsizing then it's off to our new life in Pentiction BC, a trek of only 1300 miles with bag & baggage. The kids wanted us to move with them, not sure how living together 24/7 is going to work ( after all I'm pretty set in my ways).... lol Just thought I'd bring you all up to speed. Now the reason for this post... My 10 Anniversary is coming up June 22 nd. 2016 (2006-2016) We may or may not have internet on my anniversary, hopefully we will, so I'm
  2. Happy Anniversary myhome!

  3. myhome

    he he I really haven't left, see you in chat fred
  4. I was thinking about my stroke the other day, and how I wasn't really scared while it was happening. I know that's a strange thing to say but it's true. Sitting in my office at work having supper while my wife while the stroke onset was happening (and I wasn't scared) while I felt my body starting to shut down. I was thinking just how much this was going to scare Kathleen when I ask her to take me to the hospital ( she knows I hate hospitals). According to her I was quiet calm, wanting to lock up the building before I went. Thinking I'd be maybe a a few days or a week before I was back at work
  5. Well eight years have passed, some good, some not so. But for the most part it has been a learning experience, learning that there are some things I can still do and some I can't. I use my cane sparingly,only take it when going out. I've got 85% use of my right arm back , the leg has a limp but I can live with it. I never thought I'd see my son happy again, nor did I ever expect I'd be here to see my grand daughter grow up, she's 3 yrs right now. So don't believe it when someone tells you that you can't do something, smile and prove them wrong. So if you're reading this 'Don't you da
  6. Fred, hello my friend, haven't had a chance to talk for awhile. Basketball and baseball, seems you're putting your time to good use ;-)
  7. Happy Anniversary myhome!

  8. Happy Birthday myhome!

  9. myhome

    Fred, Thanks for the welcome back. I replied to the I'm Larry post of yours so I'm sure you'll see it. Take care and we'll talk in chat. Chow my friend.
  10. myhome

    I'm Back

    Well I'm back, I sure many of you new survivors don't reconize me but many of the older members will. Maria asked me to start stopping by for the Wednesday Reunion night chats. I popped in Monday and last night into chat and I only reconized one person, how things change but then stroke never stops so it shouldn't be a great surprise to me. So if you're a newbie here reading my blog, you can believe me that things will get better, Don't you ever believe the doctor when he says you can't do something, he's wrong and I'm living proof. The doctor told Kath that I'd never walk again, he was
  11. change email

  12. myhome

    I'm going to jump in here if you don't mind. As for the shoes, I had the same problem, not really a problem but not wanting to wear anything that causes me grief. Until I found a New Balance product, it's a walking shoe that has velcro ( making it easier to dress) instead of laces, they're comfy, looks good and it comes in dress black!! ... just my 2 cents, hope it helps.
  13. Happy Birthday myhome!

  14. myhome

    The suns shining

    Well here I am again, it's been almost five years since my bout with stroke and for the most part I've won the battle. It's hard to remember what life was like before my stroke, but to anyone reading this I can tell you that if you work hard at rehab things will get better. I'm sitting here typing, and since 2006 I'm back driving, I go shopping, infact anything I want just alittle slower is all Daniel and Jenn are expecting their little girl Ava Kathleen any day, if Jenn hasn't given birth by thursday she will be induced, either way Ava is coming into this world before Friday. So I'm gonna
  15. Happy Anniversary myhome!