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  1. Happy Anniversary Phoenix!

  2. Happy Anniversary Phoenix!

  3. Happy Birthday Phoenix!

  4. Phoenix

    :-D...LOL! Great blog..Lin better watch her back..Cleo is going snag her position here on Strokenet..LOL!
  5. Phoenix

    your writing and description made it seem like I was there, WOW! I was able to visualize it im my mind. Glad you got to go...you rock!
  6. Phoenix

    I think Wesley had great descriptions on the definitions. The ER Nuero told my husband mine was minor but my doctor said it was major. Whatever it is, it left me with left-sided weakness and I just think that sucks bigtime...Oh well! It's a massive change in my life either way. By the way, WELCOME Randy to strokenet!
  7. Phoenix

    Getting my WELCOME! in to you Patricia :welcome: :bouncing_off_wall:
  8. Phoenix

    I hear ya Phil and understand. I too, sometimes think that way though not as much in the beginning as I used to. I use to always think that I was the good sibling who would always have the best of everyone's interest, honor my Mom and Dad and be good to people. Never tried to jack anyone up like a certain sibling of mine. Why did it happen to me when I was the good one? Well, never got an answer and it drove me nuts... I'm over it now and just concentrate on appreciating life and my family. I am thankful I am still here for my disabled daughter who is just growing so fast. It's hard Phil..I know but try not to dwell on it so much or you will go batty. It's not fair..we didn't ask to stroke but what can we do now that it has happened?.. we just have to keep on working hard on recovering as much as we can. I still feel mad and hurt at how this stroke has changed my life so much, especially, when I feel I did everything right and tried to be a good person and see all the others that use and abuse this or that. Even more so when I look at my disabled daughter and say "Why her? It's not fair!" It takes bit but I can usually calm myself down, take a deep breath and try to remember that things happen for a reason and that I have to make the best of my life not just for me but for my daughter as well. And it always comes back to me thinking, "I wouldn't wish a stroke on anybody" It's the pits Phil and a major bummer but we just have to move ahead and not keep wondering about the fair and not fair that Life throws at us. Hang in there Phil..you are awesome! :hug:
  9. Hand in there biijous..you are doing a great job and such a caring and loving daughter. You are doing all you can and that is something. you are there for your Dad. Recovery is a long process and takes a lot of work. Just remember to take care of yourself. To the original post topic. I started cooking again on the stove and that was a big one for me.Though I'd like to be farther along I am so much better and can do more from 6 months ago. It's still a work in progress.
  10. Phoenix

    Cathy, I offer my condolescence to you. The first post I read of Fate's was the Warrior one back when I first joined in beginning of 2007. I remember him talking about playing the guitar again and his love of life. His posts always reached out and spoked to me, inspired me so much, I loved reading his writings and I am glad I was able to communicate that to him. His words of never give up and never settle always made me feel stronger. Though I only met him through this site I felt he was special from the get go. So are you Cathy. I never did order a cane but I appreciate you sending me the brochures, I remember Fate talking about the canes with such gusto! Indeed, Heaven just got more beautiful with the presence of Twist of Fate. He will be playing and singing his music in the clouds and in His Glory. Thank you Cathy for your suport and thank you Fate for the soul and spirit you brought to many of us here.You will be FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS :cloud9: ~ Shirley ~
  11. Phoenix

    Three things....hhhmmmmm?..three things...three, three, three :uhm: hmmmmmm? I got it! I'm still hot, sexy and beautiful!...yeah, that's it, that's it...LOL! :roflmao: Is that what you mean Jan?...lol! nah! I'm just kidding. As you can see, trying to still be funny is one of my three, another is laughing (makes me feel good)only three Jan? that's too hard..I got a whole list.. :cloud9: I'm still thoughtful of others I feel, determined and open minded and SASSY (I'm using a nice word..lol!) Okay, I'll stop now..good topic Jan :big_grin:
  12. Happy Birthday 2 U

    Happy Birthday 2 U

    Happy Birthday Dear Phoenix

    Happy Birthday 2 SPECIAL YOU!!

    Love n Hugs, Jan


  13. Phoenix

    Please keep us posted on this Lorena..you will be in my thoughts and prayers, Take Care! :friends:
  14. Phoenix

    That was beautiful Lilli! Your Dad is your strength and Angel. You should show him this thread. You pay great homage to a great man...time for a poem about Dad Lilli :friends: Stu..thankfully Maria only has to put up with you in cyberspace...you must be hell in person..lol! Just joshing Stu..you are brillant..uh...I think
  15. Phoenix

    Thank you Fate for your words and you were missed too. You know we are all rooting for you. Under "A Call For Prayer" forum under the topic "Give a Shout Out" I put in a request for prayers and thoughts on your behalf...Others replied with keeping you in their thoughts and prayers. Fight on Warrior! :swordfight: