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    I teach third grade at a public school here in Chicago and I love teaching and I love children. I have a beautiful 12 yr. old niece and a 2 yr. old nephew. No children of my own. I have a black belt in Hapkido; I really enjoy the martial arts when I have time to practice. I like working out at the gym, playing tennis during my summer vacation, shopping, playing with my niece and nephew, reading, and doing research on the internet. I'm also a Star Trek fan and my brother & I have been to 1 Star Trek convention. I'm still trying to adjust to my dad's stroke even though its been a year now.

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  1. Happy Anniversary parksnet!

  2. Happy Anniversary parksnet!

  3. I just found out through a newsletter that I subscribe to called, "Best Pills/Worst Pills" that Zelnorm (tegaserod maleate) made by Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp., a medication prescribed for constipation was pulled from the market on March 30 of this year because it causes strokes and heart attacks. My dad was taking Zelnorm for years up until his stroke and also afterwards. I bet people are still taking this and I wouldn't be surprised if it is still being prescribed. My brother and I have been on the internet investigating and attempting to determine a course of action. What's the most horr