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  1. Happy Anniversary hvmom!

  2. Happy Birthday hvmom!

  3. Happy Anniversary hvmom!

  4. Happy Birthday hvmom!

  5. Happy Birthday hvmom!

  6. Happy Birthday hvmom!

  7. Happy Anniversary hvmom!

  8. Happy Birthday hvmom!

  9. hvmom

    Patty, I still can't get over how all of our strokes are different AND similar. I am 2years and 5 months past stroking and I still have to answer my body's call for rest. It is not as bad as in the beginning...That was UNBELIEVABLE. But, I still retreat to bed after something like washing the dinner dishes. It is definitely better now, but my brain is still in charge of what I do. Keep listening to yours and good luck. Greta
  10. hvmom

    I lost Greta and what made me me. Greta
  11. hvmom

    Thank you Kim and Donns. Yes I am harder on myself it is the only way I can get through this. My 8yr grandson said, when asked about my speech,that I sound the same to him. I know some children are uncomfortable with older people and health issus, But this little boy can still be counted on for a hug and squeeze for his Nana. There are so many reasons I can find for being paranoid, but I try not to fall into that trap-the economy IS bad right now. My impairments are small to others but they are there. Volunteering is a great idea-since I can't drive I will have to look for something loc
  12. hvmom

    Let me get back to you on that

    Making follow-up phone calls to the 10 resumes sent out this morning by email was difficult. My voice does not sound like I remember. I had a sweet, clear voice. Midway through most phone calls I realize I am slurring and sound slightly drunk. No wonder no one ever calls back when they say they will, but I keep trying. Interviews are tortuous also, I start to get self-conscious and controlling my voice gets hard. After not being able to swallow liquids for so long and the choking all the time though, I am happy to have a voice period. Hopefully over time I will grow back into my voice. I wa
  13. hvmom

    May 10, 2007

    I dont know if anyone else obsesses about dates and times like I do, but I am fixated on the first anniversary of my stroke-not Mothers Day or anything else that falls around that date. I wish I could erase that date and make it as if this never happened. Today is a particularly bad day... the "other" greta would be working now, rushing around and complaining about the kids(adults now), the pets(3 dogs and a cat)the house-cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, yelling at my hubby..you know -the usual. But this greta, the now greta is obsessed about finding the differences in my face. The droop t