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  1. Happy Anniversary AllanW !

  2. Happy Anniversary AllanW !

  3. Happy Anniversary AllanW !

  4. AllanWilliams

    Hi Gaylene My name is Allan I live in Toowoomba Queensland have been on S/N. for a few years but not so much lately due to health problems anyway hope to be online more often now that I have stabilized, I had my first stroke Aug. 05 and a lot of health problems since I now live I a nice nursing home as I could not look after myself any longer been in for about 7 months now a bit boring but otherwise everything is OK well I hope to see you in chat one day Allan
  5. Happy Birthday AllanW !

  6. Happy Anniversary hostallan!

  7. Good to be back online again

  8. who had grace for the difficulties & saying things wrong but all & all my family does not mean to & does take all very well. I love my family! Take care allen & continue to enjoy life. Cheers my friend! Nancy

  9. Hi Allen~How you been doing? My daughter traveled Australia when she was 18 before starting college. She loved the coutry.

    You have had many hurtles to cross but you keep going & give all encouragement. Thanks for your effort. have a good day. So thankful for this site as all understands swhere hard to be misunderstood w/ brain damge. But just suck it up i have to. Amy was my daughter ...

  10. Happy Anniversary awilliams!

  11. AllanWilliams

    Hi Sue I can relate to your thoughts, my father had dementia when he was 74 and one night around 2am I got a telephone call from my stepmother saying your dad has gone! My first thought was he had passed away then she relieved my anxiety by saying he was not in the house and she had no idea were he was, by this time I was wide awake and half dressed got into my car and drove down to dads house thinking along the way that he would be in the shed down the backyard. When I arrived I checked the place out and he was no were to be found, I woke the neighbors up so I could search there back yards without any luck then drove around the streets for an hour or so still no sign of him. We then telephoned the police who were very polite and understanding sending two squad cars out to search for him, about 1 hour later they returned to dads house with dad sitting in the back seat what a relief it was to see him sitting there. He had woke up during the night left the house in his PJs thank god he put his wallet in his shirt pocket and walked several miles to the pacific Highway the highway from Brisbane to north Qld. So you know how busily it would be 4 lanes each way, he then apparently walked another 5 mile or so and crossed the road and went into this 24-hour service station (gas station) and purchased a cup of tea and just sat down to enjoy it. The attendant who was on duty had the foresight to call the police. End of Story. Allan
  12. Hi Mate: so good to hear from you. Have a blessed weekend. Think about you a lot and pray for you always. Hugs, Jan :)

  13. Just sayting Hi :)


  14. Hi Gavin I had a Thrombotic Stroke on the 10th Aug 07 that is my carotid arteries were blocked the right one 100% the left one 95+% they can not clear a carotid that is 100% blocked so they did a carotid endarterectomy on the left one,that was a bit scary as there was no blood going to my brain from the right one they only had 90 seconds to put a bypass in the left one so they could operate on it. But befor the could do that they found that my heart was also blocked needed 3 stents put in my heart before they would operate on my carotid, they told me befor the carotid endarterectomy I only had a 50/50 Chance of surviving as my brain had only a small amount of blood going to it for a long period and when my brain got the full pressure of blood after the operation the small arteries in my brain could bleed out and I would not wake up, but luckily i only had one small bleed that stopped fairly quickly and did no damage. Have had numerous TIAs since and other complications including amputation of both legs, but there is always somebody worse of then ones self, all you can do is thank god that you are alive and look forward to the sun coming up every morning and enjoy your future life. Allan
  15. Happy Birthday awilliams!