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  1. Happy Anniversary Outsider!

  2. Happy Anniversary Outsider!

  3. Happy Anniversary Outsider!

  4. Happy Birthday Outsider!

  5. Outsider

    Oh dear, He got hit harder than I did. I was at least able to stand on my own at 1st so I really don't have anything to advise you on. Other than if his therapist can get movement back in his arm and get that leg strong enough to stand on he CAN continue to get better but they need to get him to that point BEFORE sending him home. There is NO doubt you're BOTH going to face challenges once he comes home and you need to face them TOGETHER. As for his sitting in the wheel chair? I was allowed to leave the rehab center on a day pass so that I could go see our churches
  6. Outsider

    "Stroke doctor" is usually a neuro that is a specialist in stroke recovery. At least that is what I was told by my wife AKA caretaker Their saying that he will "probably never walk or use his left arm" tells me there is a good chance that he will. Now I NEVER preach or offer false hope to anyone because every stroke and every survivor are different scenarios. What was in my case my not be in someone elses. Dan just may give up even if only for a moment it happens more often than not but you should be preppared for how to deal with it when the time comes so that
  7. Wishing you and your husband continued success and healing.



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    May-Jo, I'm in agreement with fking. I DON'T want to discourage you in ANYWAY but there is SOOO very much to consider in careing for a survivor. It is not just the physical care like helping with wheel chairs, getting in and out of bed,car and the bath tub, fixing food assisting with getting dressed/un dressed making sure his meds are taken properly. Then there is making sure he gets to all of his doctors appts as scheduled In many ways it can be WORSE than taking care of a child. My wife often tells people she has 7 children that is our 6 + me She doesn't
  9. congrats on your five years ENJOY

  10. Five years!!! whooo hooooo

    Congrats... ENJOY LIFE, one second at a time.Believe in Miracles and SOAR, that you sure have done. I am so happy for you my friend. Hug, :)

  11. Congrats.... FIVE years today.... WHOO HOOOOOO

    ENJOY the rest of your life one day at a time...

    Believe in miracles and SOAR... that you have done.

    I'm so happy for you friend


  12. Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday Dear Outsider

    Happy Birthday to you

    Hope today is just as awesome as you are

    Believe In Mirales and SOAR

    Hugs, Jan

  13. I love reading your posts. You are very inspirational. Thanks. Hugs, Jan

    Believe In Miracles and SOAR

  14. You are an inspiration to everone.

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    My 2 cents... Ever see a 34 year old man through a temper tanturum of a 2 year old?(Be nice ladies ) You should see me on my really bad days.. I get so frustrated when things aren't going as I know they should. The other day I was making my 2 year old a cup of chocolate milk and I dropped a whole gallon of milk I had just opened on the floor. I immediately felt my blood preassure going up then my 2 year old looks at me and says "Ah Ohhh daddy make mess!!!" he then proceeds to run through the house telling EVERYONE of my fodder I couldn't help but bust into laughter over his