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  1. Happy Anniversary gramma!

  2. Happy Anniversary gramma!

  3. Happy Anniversary gramma!

  4. Happy Birthday Gramma, Be Blessed.

  5. Happy Birthday gramma!

  6. Happy Anniversary gramma!

  7. gramma

    I would like to thank everyone that responded to my entry. I have been better since, I guess I was having a bad day. Thank you
  8. gramma

    feeling sorry for myself today

    I am alive! I lived through 3 strokes. Found out I have cns vasculitis through a brain biopsy. My kids dont call me or see how I am doing. I suffer from depression. I have daily headaches, pain in my hips and I am just having a bad day. I hate it. I am blessed to be alive, but I am miserable.
  9. gramma

    Hi, Diana here. I was told I had aphasia with my strokes. I have had 3 due to an illness that can cause strokes. I have no lasting effects of the strokes except I have a hard time with my balance. I have fallen due to balance issues and have broken my arm.
  10. gramma

    bad day yesterday

    Most days are the same, headaches and always a bit tired, but yesterday was really bad. I ran out of my night time med Ziprexa. The night that I did not have it I had a horrible sleep and ended up being so very tired and grumpy yesterday. Just happy I have my med now.
  11. gramma

    Thank you for all comments. Hubby and I did talk and things are ok. I get these horrible headaches and it gets me down and not feeling well, every day. Hubby is going to be getting on the ball about finding a job. He is retired and I am on disability. The stress of not having enough money is one of our biggest problems.
  12. gramma


    Hubby and i had a huge argement tonight. I think and wish I could just pack up and move back to texas. Just a bit about what happened--since i had my strokes, when i have to urinate, i have to urinate!!!! I have cats, which my husband does not like. The cats sometimes for whatever reason like to drink from the toilet. husband has started putting the lid down and shutting the door to the bathroom. If he was just doing one of those things it would not be so bad, but he is shutting the door and putting down the lid. I did not make it to the bathroom on time two times today because of this. I told him this and it turned out to be a huge arguement. I moved here to be closer to my son, grandson and daughter. I dont want to have to move back. the thing is i am stuck!! i am married to this guy and i cant drive because of my auto immune disease. i cant move in with my son or my daughter, my only choice is to move back to texas, but i cant drive there. i think the stress has just been building up and it finally blew, think all this stress is why i am having all these headaches lately, even though it is my vasculitis but it is bad when i am under stress and my dumb ass husband knows this but he does nothing to stop the stress. i just do not know what to do.
  13. gramma

    Hi fking, yes the honeymoon is over. I just so need a break. We have only been married just over a year, we have known each other for years. If i could drive I would take off and drive around and not be so bored all the time, but the drs wont let me drive anymore. Maybe it is the weather getting me down, i cant wait till I can go for walks, it is just cold here. Myaybe i just need to see my daughter or talk to my mom. i am just tired of being miserable.
  14. gramma


    dont know if it is my vasculitis or i am just in a bad mood today. hubby has really gotten on my nerves today. he really needs to get out of my hair and get a job. i think it is that we are always together, i get no break from him. i wish i could get a job but i cant because of my vasculitis, my dr says i cant work anymore. and the one i am married to says we need more money, but he wont get a damned job. it is good that he gets retirement and i have my money from disability, but he should get the job, or at least look for a job, as he says he needs. being on medicare helps my situation now, i think. i have to think on it to be sure of my next move.
  15. gramma

    valentines day

    Having a good valentines day. Christy came by and she is coming back by after she goes to the movies with yvette. Rene gave me a beautiful bracelet for valentines day. I love it. It saays I love you and has hearts and is gold. Christy gave me a coffee mug that has hearts on it and a frog stuffed animal that says Be Mine on it. She is coming back after the movie. I gave her a card, I hope she likes it. I forgot to send Amys card to her so she will get it late. Talked to my mom. Started out with a headache but took 1 and a half pain pill and it has gone away. Rene and I went out to Olive Garden yesterday for valentines day. Got a bottle of wine and have some left to drink later.
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