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    She lives in the US. Thanks for all of your replies. Do both left and right side strokes affect the cognitive abilities?
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    Well you can just call me loves, if you don't mind. The doctor said my mother will recovery to be the same person we know and love. Why, then, wouldn't she be able to work; why don't others return to work? Do *most* stroke victims remain disabled, whether physically or cognitively? Don't any of them fully recover?
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    Hi...question number three. My mother recently suffered a stroke. The doctors seem confident that she'll recover quite well, with possibly a limp. I was wondering about jobs and how many of you still work after having a stroke. I imagine my mother won't feel like working for a long time and she works for a great place with great people and a system in place to replace her until she's ready to come back. But, I imagine that if she recovers as well as expected, she'll want to go back to work. I just read another post that made it sound as if most people who have had a stroke do not