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  1. Happy Anniversary aclarke!

  2. Happy Anniversary aclarke!

  3. Happy Anniversary aclarke!

  4. Happy Birthday aclarke!

  5. Hi Lydia. Your strong will - will help you go far ♥ Annie
  6. ♥ I will never give up ♥

  7. aclarke

    Hi Linda When I had my stroke and was home, I write a letter on my computer to my best friend - NO ENGLISH - I'm stroke language. Now to mention it, I dont know how I managed to click it to my friend, but it did work.♥ The brain is so awesome !!!!! Take Care, Annie
  8. aclarke

    Marlton (Evesham) Burlington County NJ Annie
  9. It is what it is ♥

  10. aclarke

    Hi all, Thanks all for your kind words. I have two (or more) fights from the stroke. Learning my writing skill the second time around, and my limp. Limp goes bye-bye for 2 days and goes back for 3 days on and on and on. I am walk around my house and exercise my walk muscles now. ♥ I will never give up ♥ Annie
  11. This is very hard ♥

  12. This is very hard ♥

  13. aclarke

    What I had the stroke, my words get bye-bye. I am fighting to get my words back, it is very hard. Re-lesson is hard. The entire stroke is hard. It is a fight. I will not lose this fight. ♥ Annie
  14. Happy Anniversary aclarke!