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  1. Happy Anniversary stessie!

  2. Happy Anniversary stessie!

  3. stessie


    Happy New Year! I am not sure if there are those who still remember me (Stessie) but I remember ever so many. I turned 65 in November and celebrated with family and friends. Life in 2014 was good and I am hoping for the same in 2015. I am on Facebook under Stephanie Richey Wolfram...would enjoy hearing from you.
  4. stessie

    I just read your blog and wish you the best in 2015.
  5. Happy Anniversary stessie!

  6. Happy Birthday stessie!

  7. stessie

    Thanks everyone. I am so happy to be back. I truly appreciate your comments.
  8. stessie

  9. stessie


    Election day is Tuesday and the recorded phone calls will stop Wednesday. We are considered a swing state by both parties. One day this past week we received 12 recorded phone calls. One thing is that this has given me an opportunity to listen to both candidates live by attending two ralleys. I have worked the polls for the past five years and am looking forward to doing it again this coming Tuesday. I pray the turnout is great and that folks vote. I'll keep you posted about voter turnout. It is so good to be back on Stroke Net,
  10. stessie

    Oh, what a year!

    I haven't been on here much this year but just enjoyed catching up and reading blogs. In March of this year, I suffered from an infection in my upper leg that turned into sepsis. I was shaving my legs and had an inverted hair. Thank goodness my spouse talked me into going to the hospital as my blood pressure had plummeted and my temperature was rising. I was admitted and on the third day fell into a coma and suffered multiple organ shutdown...on dialysis for my kidneys; two heart attacks; stroke; collapsed lung; on a ventilator; had a trach; pneumonia; and etc. I was in the coma for almost a month. When I woke up, thank goodness I remembered my name but could not remember where I lived. After almost a month in ICU, I went to an accute rehab hospital and then on to a nursing home later for daily care. I survived! On July 27, I had heart surgery due to the heart attacks and spent more time in ICU and then to the nursing home again for more recovery. I have been going to cardiac rehab three days a week for more than six weeks. I feel blessed to be on this side of the ground and continuing to recover. In the last five years I have suffered a stroke; had breast cancer; sepsis; and heart surgery. I am truly a survivor! I continue to volunteer for Make A Wish, Be A Kid, and etc. I still watch our grandson several days a week...he is now 4. I believe that caring for Logan truly inspired me to push hard for recovery. I turn 63 later this month and am thankful for more birthdays. I am blessed and continue to make the most of what I can in life. Sure, I have some deficits but I work daily to try and overcome as much as I can. Stroke Net has played a big part in my life. I am so thankful for the friendships I have made here. I am on Facebook under Stephanie Richey Wolfram, too.
  11. stessie

    Leah, what a beautiful pic of you. Your blog is uplifting and I suspect much healing has and is taking place.
  12. Happy Anniversary stessie!

  13. A very Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Stessie.



  14. Happy Birthday stessie!

  15. stessie

    Leah, I am saddened by the news of Jerry's passing. It is so easy to make the statement "that you are a strong woman and everything will be okay," because it is truly not easy. You are so in my thoughts and prayers.
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