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  1. Happy Anniversary Doreen!

  2. Happy Birthday Doreen!

  3. Doreen

    Dear Sue, What can I say that has not already been said, I am feeling your pain and sending all my positive thoughts your way for Ray, you and your family. I am so sad reading your post, you know in your own mind that you have done your upmost to keep Ray with you in your home...but there comes a time that we all know when is the time to have a loved one cared for in a nursing home. Sue, You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. xx Doreen
  4. Happy Anniversary Doreen!

  5. Doreen

    Thanks for birthday wishes

    I would like to thank everyone for my birthday wishes last month, had a lovely day. I have not blogged for such a long time, I just don't seem to have the time or anything interesting to talk about as each day is the same as the day before. We don't get vistors anymore apart from family now and then as they live too far for weekly visits. We see them maybe every 3 months or so but talk often on the phone. We did enjoy see our granddaughter and her three children in August, they stayed for 10 days. Over the Christmas holidays we hope to go to the country and spend Christmas with him and his family, they want us to move up beside them and he wants us to look at land and have a house built on his estate so we are close enough for Bill to pop around to see them in a few minutes. We will wait and see when we get there, it would be lovely to have them close and would look forward to spending more time with them but not live in their pockets. Well must go now ...things to do and will try and get into chat this morning. Hugs Doreen
  6. Happy Birthday Doreen!

  7. Doreen

    Love this, Good exercise, what a way to travel. Hugs Doreen Australia
  8. Doreen

    Bill Aug 09
  9. Doreen

    Bill's Journey

    Photo's over the last 3 years.
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  11. Doreen

    Hi Sue, Enjoy your little holidays, take care. Everyone said to me that I looked glowing, when they saw me after my respite break. It did me the world of good talking to others. Hugs Doreen
  12. Doreen

    Refeshed after Respite.

    Well all was well with Bill and son Steve while I was away for my respite break, Steve did a couple of jobs around the house that needed doing such as putting back some tiles that had came off in the shower and fixed a leak in the toilet. Steve said all was ok, they went out to the local shops and he took him to the Botanical Gardens. The group was very friendly and we all got on well and I am going to make a dvd of all the photos we took, the two ladies from the organisation that arranged our break is coming to the house to download their photos and we are going to choose the best ones and also the music to go with the photos. We are all meeting again for coffee so the can pick up their dvd's. The massage was out of this world and we all talked none stop for the four days, the food was fantastic and the great thing was we could enjoy it as we did not have to cook it or clean up. Well must go, Bill is nearly finished with his shower. I like this time in the morning Mon-Wed-Fri as I can get on the computer and catch up with emails while the shower nurse is looking after Bill. I was trying to put in a photo but don't know how in the blog. Hugs Doreen
  13. Kristen, Beautiful photos, Patrick would have felt so good driving back home. It makes you feel so good when you have had a good day out together. Thank you for sharing. Hugs Doreen
  14. Doreen

    Dear Sue, Daylight saving is early this year, it is hard for Bill as well to adapt to changes. He is in a routine and if the usual things are not done at that time he gets agitated. I do hope Ray gets used to Tuesdays and intergrates, you will be worried until you know he has settled. I go on my respite tomorrow and so looking forward to it but worried that Bill might be a bit much for our son, Steve has a little hearing problem and Bill's speech is not clear and when he says words they are in a whisper. I have told Bill to write the words down if he can. Take care Sue, I always look forward to reading your blogs and gaining strength from your wisdom and your strength. Hugs Doreen
  15. Doreen

    Sue You always sound so very strong and I know you are but I know some days you must feel overwelmed so Sending big {{{{{{Hugs}}}}}} your way Doreen