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Stroke Survivor - male
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  1. chubby50

    It's almost been thirty years. Some days are better then others. Try to keep a positive attitude, and it will be okay.
  2. Happy Birthday chubby50!

  3. Happy Anniversary chubby50!

  4. Happy Birthday chubby50!

  5. Happy Anniversary chubby50!

  6. Happy Birthday chubby50!

  7. Happy Birthday chubby50!

  8. Happy Birthday chubby50!

  9. Happy Birthday chubby50!

  10. Happy Anniversary chubby50!

  11. chubby50

    stroke and recovery

    before, during, after
  12. chubby50

    I to am interested also in hearing more about your journey. I admire your never give up atitude. I have a lot of questions I will look forward to updates on your condition.