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    reading on my kindle!, love my 4 dogs- they are great therapy for me =unconditional love and slobber-kisses- I like to weed, plant+water my secret garden..OOPS! now it's not a secret SHHH!...Finding peace in being a survivor
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  1. Happy Anniversary Julie Craig!

  2. Happy Anniversary Julie Craig!

  3. Julie Craig

    I wore an AFO for 4.5 yrs. I have inversion and foot drop. But my knee is ok and I kept telling my pt folks I didn't think I needed it up to my knee. Of course, they argued and blah. :blah_blah: .. Finally I convinced one of them and an ortho/brace-maker guy to try a shorter brace on me. It works great! It only goes to just above my ankle bone and under my foot. So it's for my two problems and not a generic one they make EVERYONE wear. I am hoping my calf muscle comes back cuz it has atrophied with the bigger brace....I also have numbness on inside of my leg...but NOW my knee is very h
  4. Julie Craig

    knowledge?=no...personal experience? = yes: I have same urinary incontinence problems. I went to urologist and after some kinda :head_hurts: icky tests...I'm just wimpy, I guess, I came home withthe drug called Enablex.Vesicare hadn't worked before Urologist trip. 4 yrs later I do much better. Far from perfect, but def. better..I kinda funtion now= Am down to 1-3 daytime oops per week. I have to wear Depends at night cuz I just cannot make it fast enuf......But during the day I do pretty good now...Plus I try my durndest to watch the clock and get myself into bathroom every 2 hours. 'spo
  5. Yes I have a Pomeranian. Most say they are a one owner pet but mine he loves everyone! I have had him a couple years and he has been so faithful especially through everything lately. He doesn't leave my side anymore, follows me from room to room and if I go with the husband to the store he has to go with haha. They are great pets :)

  6. Hi. Do you have a pomeranian? What are they like to live with? Just curious. :)

  7. Hi. Do you have a pomeranian? What are they like to live with? Just curious. :)

  8. Happy Birthday Julie Craig!

  9. lIKE SO MANY i STRUGGLE W/ BIG SOCIAL EVENTS TOO ... I go to lunch once a month with 4 fellow retired teachers/friends I worked with for 36 years. I enjoy it the first hour or hour .5 ...but then I start getting tired...Love them all, but too much talking puts me on overload. Plus when I'm in a restaurant with them I walk in like a freadAZOID cuz my foor /leg tightens up and I feel tight ALL over. I feel like they kinda watch me thinking I'll fall or to see if I'm improvimng or just out of concern....? It's out of kindness, I know, but it must make my little psychey go nutso, cuz I just c
  10. Julie Craig

    galpals: :hug: Ya, I work my hand/arm constantly all day long. What I was trying to say above is I'm just not going to beat myself up over my "condition" anymore. I will never "GIVE UP" . In fact I asked to part of the facebook advertised stem cell research trial.... But I was getting to the point that I was feeling guilty because "it" just wasn't happening for me. I felt like I was letting my hubby, kids, family and even myself down..like I wasn't trying hard enuf...I had good insurance and I spent real close to 4 yrs in physical therapy--2-3-4-5 times a week trying reeeeeeeeeeee
  11. Julie Craig

    I'm 4 yrs. post-stroke. I try to use my arm when I can in my daily routine. Every once in a while it seems like some ittsy-bitsy-tiny-little movement gets a little easier/stronger. I compare it to a baby learning to use his/her arm/hand/fingers. They work on that about 10-18 hours a day for two+ yrs. and then they get pretty good at it. = well over 700 hrs of constantly trying to a. program their brain b. move something that seldom responds at all.I admire the little munchkins, but I'm an adult. I figure ,heck, I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay NOT patient enuf for that. I'm 61 yrs. old..
  12. Julie Craig

    thanx, Kelli....I feel better already......................
  13. Julie Craig

    I like this topic. I'm happy in a distorted weird way to shout out how much I miss cute shoes and carrying a cute purse! This really cramps MY style..speaking of style elastic waists that are easy to pull up are NOT attractive...so add cute clothes and feeling like I look at least a little bit stylish and cute...oh add..hairstyle I can do...gosh this could go on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...gosh I sound so nauseatingly vain...when vanity for me went O-U-T the door on June 17,2007....and being alive and somewhat functiong became MY normal.................. :blah_blah: :blah_blah: :blah_blah: :blah_
  14. Julie Craig

    I have used both. The Saebo is NOT a brace that you wear all day. It is cumbersome and delicate to adjust to your fingertips. It is custom fit for you to wear for an hour or two at a time to ...wellllllllll???????????? I used it w/ a OT therapist who had me picking up the Saebo balls for hours a day. Then when my fingers got tired...more like exhausted I'd have about 10-20 minutes of "down"-time where i could pick uup quarters sitting in rice or little wood blocks. After 3 weeks of working with the Saebo splint for 7 hours a day 5 days a week.............................I was sick of pick
  15. I used to show dogs. I showed and bred golden retrievers for over 16 yrs. Had kids and dabbled with shows with a beautiful dobie. How can you continue w/ shos now? I cannot use my left arm or open my hand on command. Cheers! Julie