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  1. Happy Anniversary Julie Craig!

  2. Happy Anniversary Julie Craig!

  3. Julie Craig

    I wore an AFO for 4.5 yrs. I have inversion and foot drop. But my knee is ok and I kept telling my pt folks I didn't think I needed it up to my knee. Of course, they argued and blah. :blah_blah: .. Finally I convinced one of them and an ortho/brace-maker guy to try a shorter brace on me. It works great! It only goes to just above my ankle bone and under my foot. So it's for my two problems and not a generic one they make EVERYONE wear. I am hoping my calf muscle comes back cuz it has atrophied with the bigger brace....I also have numbness on inside of my leg...but NOW my knee is very h
  4. Julie Craig

    knowledge?=no...personal experience? = yes: I have same urinary incontinence problems. I went to urologist and after some kinda :head_hurts: icky tests...I'm just wimpy, I guess, I came home withthe drug called Enablex.Vesicare hadn't worked before Urologist trip. 4 yrs later I do much better. Far from perfect, but def. better..I kinda funtion now= Am down to 1-3 daytime oops per week. I have to wear Depends at night cuz I just cannot make it fast enuf......But during the day I do pretty good now...Plus I try my durndest to watch the clock and get myself into bathroom every 2 hours. 'spo
  5. Hi. Do you have a pomeranian? What are they like to live with? Just curious. :)

  6. Hi. Do you have a pomeranian? What are they like to live with? Just curious. :)

  7. lIKE SO MANY i STRUGGLE W/ BIG SOCIAL EVENTS TOO ... I go to lunch once a month with 4 fellow retired teachers/friends I worked with for 36 years. I enjoy it the first hour or hour .5 ...but then I start getting tired...Love them all, but too much talking puts me on overload. Plus when I'm in a restaurant with them I walk in like a freadAZOID cuz my foor /leg tightens up and I feel tight ALL over. I feel like they kinda watch me thinking I'll fall or to see if I'm improvimng or just out of concern....? It's out of kindness, I know, but it must make my little psychey go nutso, cuz I just c
  8. Julie Craig

    galpals: :hug: Ya, I work my hand/arm constantly all day long. What I was trying to say above is I'm just not going to beat myself up over my "condition" anymore. I will never "GIVE UP" . In fact I asked to part of the facebook advertised stem cell research trial.... But I was getting to the point that I was feeling guilty because "it" just wasn't happening for me. I felt like I was letting my hubby, kids, family and even myself down..like I wasn't trying hard enuf...I had good insurance and I spent real close to 4 yrs in physical therapy--2-3-4-5 times a week trying reeeeeeeeeeee
  9. Julie Craig

    I'm 4 yrs. post-stroke. I try to use my arm when I can in my daily routine. Every once in a while it seems like some ittsy-bitsy-tiny-little movement gets a little easier/stronger. I compare it to a baby learning to use his/her arm/hand/fingers. They work on that about 10-18 hours a day for two+ yrs. and then they get pretty good at it. = well over 700 hrs of constantly trying to a. program their brain b. move something that seldom responds at all.I admire the little munchkins, but I'm an adult. I figure ,heck, I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay NOT patient enuf for that. I'm 61 yrs. old..
  10. Julie Craig

    thanx, Kelli....I feel better already......................
  11. Julie Craig

    I like this topic. I'm happy in a distorted weird way to shout out how much I miss cute shoes and carrying a cute purse! This really cramps MY style..speaking of style elastic waists that are easy to pull up are NOT attractive...so add cute clothes and feeling like I look at least a little bit stylish and cute...oh add..hairstyle I can do...gosh this could go on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...gosh I sound so nauseatingly vain...when vanity for me went O-U-T the door on June 17,2007....and being alive and somewhat functiong became MY normal.................. :blah_blah: :blah_blah: :blah_blah: :blah_
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    I have used both. The Saebo is NOT a brace that you wear all day. It is cumbersome and delicate to adjust to your fingertips. It is custom fit for you to wear for an hour or two at a time to ...wellllllllll???????????? I used it w/ a OT therapist who had me picking up the Saebo balls for hours a day. Then when my fingers got tired...more like exhausted I'd have about 10-20 minutes of "down"-time where i could pick uup quarters sitting in rice or little wood blocks. After 3 weeks of working with the Saebo splint for 7 hours a day 5 days a week.............................I was sick of pick
  13. I used to show dogs. I showed and bred golden retrievers for over 16 yrs. Had kids and dabbled with shows with a beautiful dobie. How can you continue w/ shos now? I cannot use my left arm or open my hand on command. Cheers! Julie

  14. Julie Craig

    For me-- I thoroughly dislike when peeps tell me they have a relative or friend who fully recovered from THEIR stroke......thus They know ALL & telling ME thsat I will too...........................................well, I HAVE recovered...but I still walk w/ brace+cane and caNOT use my left arm..........Just cuz THEIR Uncle Fred is recovered doesn't mean I will too or that I am NOT working hard enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Makes me craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzy. :ranting: :Tantrum:
  15. I got my driving license renewal form in the mail today. I live in California. :hot: It asks if I've had a major medical occurance in the last 3 yrs. I had my stroke June 14,2007--so 3 yrs from THAT DATE!!!!! I have driven since my stroke, in fact I drove to my teaching job :cheer: for one whole school year '08-'09. I live in a :Zzzz: VERY small town. My hubby :nuhuh: won't let me drive on freeways or in big city like Fresno. And I'VE AGREED TO THIS CUZZZZZZZZ don't want to, but I would still like to be able to drive locally...so I'm not sure how to answer the question on the form.
  16. I need to pursue help in SF or LA.....But honestly (AFTER 3 YRS.)I 'm REALLLLY tired of all this PT,botox, blah, blah.BLAH......crap....I just want to live my life, ya know?

  17. Thanks MUCH! Appreciate your candid/honest responses. I've decided to not return to the nuero who "shot me w/botox.What is assinine/ridiculous is that this NEURO... is considered THE SPECIALIST in stroke in all of Fresno! Only one hosp. does the t..? whatever shot for stroke w/in that 3 hr. span.....and that's her hosp.! + HER HANDS shake the whole time she is "s...

  18. Maria: Thank you very mucho! I think I need to try to find a dr. who can better help me w/ the botox injections. My neurologist just stuck me 12 times w/ 200 cc of botox and I have no results and a still sore bicep from 2 weeks ago! It's very disheartening to waste my time and energy and just skid to nowhere! I know you're very busy and I DO sincerely appreciate your tim...

  19. Maria: Can you please describe the procedure your dr. goes thru for your botox injections? Mine just shot my hand/ thumb big muscle and had to reallllly jam hard directly into my bicep---which left a big BRUISE FOR OVER A WEEK. Another ON top of my foot..................12 shots / two full bottles and 2 wqeeks later NO results for me.....craaaaaaaazy lady...I just do not think she knows what

  20. YOU kind sir are my hero of the week. Have you hAD SOMEONE GIVE YOU BOTOX? dO THEY REALLY HOOK UP A MACHINE THAT TELLS WHERE TO INJECT? YUP! i AGREE 100% w/ your observations...think I should shop around before I let someone just inject me w/ botox indiscramitely (sp?) hrumph! THANKS OOOOODLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hey friend...I'm gonna do it...just need mammo results and ins. ok! Thanks mucho for helping work thru this. APPRECIATED THE INPUT!

    hugs, j

  22. Julie Craig

    ya, Lenny, I am on plavix...bleeding to eath is not a good idea...I too will try to avoid that scenario !
  23. I really want to have breast reduction surgery. I am 3 years post-stroke. My stroke was caused by blood pressure / cholesterol / estrogen tabs / stress ....according to my nuero-doc. I talked to a surgeon today. He said ok, my nuero said ok...but I am high risk, abviously....anybody else out there have surgery after their stroke???? Opinions??? thanx, j :yadayada: :yadayada: :yadayada:
  24. Mine was ischemic-blood clot. Probably cuz high bp + hi cholesterol+I was on estrogen for too long after removal of ovaries during my hysterectomy+ high stress job....being wonderwoman..or should I say trying to be! STROKE SUCKS!
  25. Julie Craig

    ahhhh vanity,huh? Yup, you bring to mind myself trying to shaveMY LEGS....i USE A STOOL AND HOLD A SHOWER HEAD TO SHOWER, BUT THEN my bumb arm hangin GETS IN THE WAY...."WHERE TO PUT IT WHEN IT REALY IS not NEEDED! iT'S REALLY QUITE COMICAL,except,sorry, I'm NOT laughing! Bah Humbug! My hubby has to help me shave my armpits...ewwwwww... .don't want to look like a Russian shot put lady! Mineral make-up was my mkp of choice prior to Stella the Stroke. I just leave the jars a little ajar and hope for the best....tried mascara---need it but too dangerous for me and cleanin up the mess