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  1. Happy Anniversary PhilW!

  2. Happy Anniversary PhilW!

  3. Happy Birthday pwebb!

  4. PhilW

    :doctor: Your body - your choice , simple as that!!
  5. Hi ya guys, well what a ride i've had - moving house ,family getting ill, then passing away and most of all improving in myself and my life been so pre-occupied, just like that song by Aerosmith- "Dont want to miss a thing " As in respect of others i just wrote to say life is a challenge but you must NEVER give up, all this time , i have done most forms of exercise, just to get that one step ahead, especially the pool exercises i which i swear by has been the #1 therapy i have found to my improvement, now i swim and do a weight session nearly every day to keep my fitness and strength up. I just went to my doctor the other day, and he said this the best ive seen you look so well ,b/p , cholestral, sugar level were all fantastic, due to exercising. Now for the first time in three years, I have a job interview, that may see me return to the workforce (slowly of course 15-20 hrs a week) ,nervous and excited.But hey i look back to the first day, and was told that day i may not survive, till today, because i persevered in doing something that was not going to stop my life, yes the early days as in many were difficult, but you cannot say stuff this and at times accept defeat, you gotta keep going, whether its a small change or a big change, its something that make your ego bigger to lead to more challenging things. hey I still walk wonky and i still get tired and have swallowing troubles and do say its my friend now BUT i still havent given up YET, ya just keep on trying you cant see what the future has installed but at least I can say- "Wow what a journey"and still be travelling.. :thumbsu:
  6. Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday Dear Phil

    Happy Birthday to you

    Have a great day.

    Beer and MeatPies for all

  7. Well, I guess it is "Official" Phil has been dubed "HostPhil" by StrokeNet. Way to go Phil, you will enjoy your position. The pay is great and the hours are not bad either. hehe ENJOY

  8. PhilW

    little note from an aussie, keep ya chin up & flex those muscles girl!!!!!

  9. Beer and meatpies for all.... it's Phil's two year anniversary today

    Fun for all 2day

  10. Happy 2 yr anniversary to you

    Happy 2 yr anniversary to you

    Happy 2 yr anniversary dear Phil, Happy 2 yr anniversary to you

    God Bless you, I am so happy for you

    ENJOY your day

  11. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. :)

    Hope things are moving along for you with the move. Have a great day today Mate.

  12. Thanks to you and your kindess, Morgan's wish might come true with the Wiggles. Thanks ever so much Mate. Hugs, Jan

    Believe in Miracles and SOAR

  13. Good Luck with your move. I pray all goes well. Keeping you and yours in my prayers. Take care Mate.


  14. Good day Mate, hope you have a wonderful day today. Peace,

  15. PhilW

    Still bouncing

    Hello my name is phil -affectionately known as Webby. Im a West aussie who enjoys having a laugh. Two years ago my life changed, due to having this brainstem stroke, the early days were quite difficult, but now I have never looked back, as I have said to a couple of people I dont wish to post my recovery stages as to there are many out there who are still fighting recovery,it's my way of respect & I wish them well .All I can say Im getting there, slowly. To the friends of this magnificent site what can i say.... you have helped not only me but hundreds if not thousands get through this and I will always be your#1 fan and will be highly recommended by any one who asks . Im not a very good story teller, but from the botom of my heart -THANK YOU