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  1. Happy Anniversary pal!

  2. Happy Anniversary pal!

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    Hi Giz, welcome to stroke net. I have not posted here in a very long time as our life has been so crazy after my husbands stroke. I wanted to offer you a little bit of help if I can as your story is so close to mine. My husband stroked at 42 he was hit in the thalamus that controls so much so many things. I have spent much time researching brain injury and the area of my husbands brain, this gave me much insight into what is happening to him. His emotions are all a mess. When he had his stroke 4 years ago they put him on wellbrutrin well he could not handle that and it made him have more anger
  4. Thank you for all your replies. Yes his nero did explain that with extreme heat the blood does slow down in the brain. We are keeping an eye on everything and I am not sure if a second opinion is the right thing to do because the staff at the hospital was telling us that we have there best nero,we our in this Kaiser merry-go-round and I think running to different doctors in the same group could become a problem. Now in a perfect world I would love to go to UCLA for a complete work up. I'm working on it. Saw a fantastic social worker today she works with stroke and brain injured patients. She
  5. Jeanniebean...yep I agree nuts. He didnt think and didnt say anything to me. I had been sick and I was asleep so he decided to go to urgent care to make sure!! When I got up luckly I saw he had been on web page to the urgent care hours. I put two and two together and flew over their. He has played hero all along this process however thiis has given him a little reality slap, he is young 45. The nurse in ER really felt for me as she said you just cant control some people. she new how upset I was. Any way thanks for the replys.
  6. Four weeks ago husband had every sign of another stroke. He is 2 years post right thalmic stroke and been doing really well. He had been working in the heat for 5 days and pushing himself. He started to go numb in his left side of his face and started to drool.arm became tight. If you can belive this he drove to urgent care to get checked out!! They sent him to hospital,did a cat scan, and transported to Kaiser for further tests. Anyway he never got an MRI intell 3 weeks later. We saw his nero on Friday and the MRI showed nothing. Also he said that his first stroke must have been small because
  7. TY for your support by signing in.

    Hope we beat last year's record.

    Hugs, Jan

  8. Thanks for the replies everyone,Stu yes I constantly nag but have stopped doing so last few months. I am in constant worry over his health,but I can't get through to him. He has no interest in this site,even though I have told him a lot about it [good things]. He stroked due to very high BP the meds he is on have kept it nice and low,thank god. But as you know you still have to take care of your body. We have an apt. with a Nero psychologist and it will be 3 hours of tests 2 days worth. I am praying this will give me tools to work better on his thinking process. He is very willing for all t
  9. Thank you everyone for your response.There is some good points to ponder.Because I did not have a stroke,it is hard to understand how difficult it must be for him.Although I try to walk in his shoes,and I do see his strugles.Thank you for the advice. Pal
  10. Hi, I have been reading every post I have time for,and Iam so thankful for this fourm My husband had a right side stroke 1 year ago at 42 years old. I don't need to tell you all what a long haul its been! But he has done extremely well and continues to improve slowly. I love him to pieces. I know I shouldn't have any problems right? Our problems our his emotions----they must have been wiped out. I cant seem to reason on anything with him,he just gets mad at me all the time. To make matters worse we own a small business and he pushed himself to go back 3 months after his stroke. Well he has
  11. Hi Lacey, I also have had noooo family support from my husbands family. His mother has minimized the whole thing. They are very well off to say the least,and live in the same state 3 hours away.They never came to our house after the hospital stay. I can barely stand to look at them anymore. To answer your question, you tell people what you know,and if they really seem to get it you will see it on there faces. You can even print out some pages of imfo from this web site about being tired all the time,confused all the time ect. copy and hand them to family members, if they care.Another good book