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  1. Happy Anniversary Cassidy!

  2. Happy Anniversary Cassidy!

  3. Happy Anniversary Cassidy!

  4. Happy Birthday Cassidy!

  5. It seems like most people are able to get therapy for a much longer time than I have been able to. My insurance did not allow me to get more than 6 months, the 1st 3 that I was in the hospital and 3 more months in a day treatment program. Now, 2 years out, I feel like I could really benefit for more OT and PT. Was everyone's insurance that much better than mine? Since I am unable to work, I have applied for social security and disability. Will I be able to get more therapy once that is approved? I do my stretching every day, I do what I can everyday by stretching but I think I could ben
  6. You are a beautiful person! Now it's time to learn what this new you can do!I felt the exact way you do now and it took awhile to get over but you must find new ways to love and hold your husband and you do have his love-grab it and talk to him. Make a special date night once a week, were you both are lovers and friends. Memory