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    I love cats! (I own 3, foster various). Enjoy being outdoors in the forest in warm weather, and repairing small engines (lawn mowers, generators, etc.). In winter I stay in bed and goof off online ;)
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  1. Happy Anniversary Vivid-Dawn!

  2. Happy Anniversary Vivid-Dawn!

  3. Happy Anniversary Vivid-Dawn!

  4. Happy Birthday Vivid-Dawn!

  5. Vivid-Dawn

    Marshmallow whip and PB are little angels compared to the fudge recipe my mom always made me help her with during the holidays. Holy cow, even using BOTH hands that stuff was like cement! By the time I was done mixing all that glop, I was too tired to even enjoy eating it.
  6. Vivid-Dawn

    You like snow? Here, you can have Utah's! *hands you a foot of white junk* LOL
  7. Oiy... it's really frustrating when people have that attitude. "Oh, you're doing fine!" ... yeah, on -good- days, which isn't 365 of them in a row! Or even if they have some sympathy, it's still "well, you've learned to adjust and cope". Sure, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Having stuff to help out is much better than just doing everything yourself. **huggle-pat** I know just how you feel!
  8. Vivid-Dawn

    Catching up

    Winter - finally arrived! I think we've had 3 or 4 little 'dustings' in the last few months, but today it DUMPED. I hate snow. It's pretty, but that's its only nice thing. It makes roads slick and driving dangerous, and that's AFTER you spend 15 minutes scraping all that white junk off the car (unless you have a garage, which I obviously don't). Why couldn't it have stayed as rain, like last night and this morning? Not that it's any better, as there were LAKES on the freeway. Not puddles... no, these were a good couple inches deep and spanned more than one lane in width! I was only going 45mph and still almost slid off the road a couple times. I wouldn't have gone out, but one of the kitties at the shelter needed her mouth examined by our medical person at adoptions, because I saw sore spots in it... hoping it wasn't Calicivirus, which already killed 18 of our other kitties. Luckily it's just a bad tooth and she's bruised on her gums. Getting her tooth (or a couple) pulled next week most likely. Work - new schedule, which I hope I can stick to. There's a client that posts hundreds of $0.77 articles. Usually I hate writing 100 words for less than $1 (actually, I hate writing less than 200 period, because I tend to feel I leave out so much info!), but these are nice and quick, and I can easily make $5 to $10 in an hour. Of course, they only post at 4am...and since everybody is desperate for work, since daytime orders are practically non-existent, they disappear quick! Yup, 400 orders are gone in 40 minutes. So at 5am, I just go back to bed and "nap" until about 9 and get up 'for real' for the day. I still need to stick to a decent daily schedule of working. Even if there's no orders to write, I really need to study up on my grammar to get higher scoring on my articles. Right now I'm a level 3, which pays 1cent per word…but there's no orders being posted. If I get up to a level 4, my pay goes up to 1.5cents per word AND there's always more work for level 4s… I keep looking at the daily list of 200+ orders and pining over it! Anyhoo, if I'm not studying, I could go find other sites to get orders from. But usually they're cheap and only pay $0.50 for 100 words... way worse than the .77 ones! I'd rather work smarter, not harder. I miss the 500 word articles for $5 and hope things pick up again soon for those! (partly then I could sleep from 10pm to 7am again, and not this 4am break... it's confuzzling my circadian rhythm!) Speaking of decent sleep... it's after midnight, I should go now. No work tomor-...er, today, as it's Sunday, and I don't work on the Sabbath. *kerflomps into bed*
  9. Vivid-Dawn

    Didn't get divorced just because of the stroke...but it was a major contributor, emotionally and financially. I was the one who filed for divorce, because he wouldn't help pay for medical bills and expected me to be better than before (I had a surgical procedure (not truly surgery) to prevent more strokes and cure ONE of my arrhythmias...but Bryan assumed it cured everything about my heart) (and he was mean to my cat!)
  10. Atrial fibrillation My heart is also physically deformed, and the blood doesn't pump out all the way and 'pools' in the chamber, so it clotted and the A-fib shot out a clot. Fortunately it was just a TIA, but it still wasn't very pleasant those few hours it lasted! I wrote out the whole story on my website, but apparently the new forum rules say we can't post links...?
  11. Normal is boring! *nods sagely* LOL And this might be a little late, but I figure I'll reply anyway. If it doesn't help, oh well...if it does, it's a good thing I posted! Sleep - Medications could very well be a cause of a weird sleep cycle, but try to keep a regular schedule. Even if you don't "work", you need to have things to do during the day! Practice your physical therapy, play with your pets, do whatever house chores you're able to. If you're too tired for such physical things, do something calmer like reading, sewing, word puzzles (great for keeping your mind active!), writing in a journal (or recording one by voice, if you can't use your hands). If you really need a nap, try to keep it under an hour, and do it on a couch or recliner chair. I try to only be in bed from 10pm to 7am, and it really helps to actually SLEEP at night, rather than just lay awake and end up being (more) tired in the daytime. Also, try to keep a regular schedule even on weekends and vacation. Muscle discomfort - um...since I'm recovered and don't have those problems, I got no advice *hangs head*. Though if warmth & massage is working for you, keep at it. Emotions - Crying is good for you! It's perfectly fine to cry, and in fact is good for you health....mentally and physically. It releases stress. You can also yell and punch a pillow for anger emotions, if that helps. Better to let your pillow suffer than you or anybody around you that might get it otherwise. People think you're strong if you keep things in...I think the opposite is true. Letting go on a regular basis makes it so it doesn't build up and make it feel even worse than it is anyway. Best wishes! Viv
  12. is excited for a new year!

  13. Happy Birthday Vivid-Dawn!

  14. Vivid-Dawn

    Fishing - when it's warm... ice fishing is for the birds! (penguins) Gardening Artwork Webpage design (hoping to turn this profitable, not just a hobby, soon)
  15. Vivid-Dawn

    I know how you feel! GO TO BED! *tucks you in* In case the "regulars" were wondering where I've been the last couple months... I've been joining Allan! Sleeping about 15 hours a day too. Get up to eat, bathroom and check E-mail, putter around with the cats. I also HATE the cold, so don't go outside much during winter, therefore I really have no reason to get going. I told my doctor I'm hibernating! He said that was okay, except when it gets warmer, he wants me up and movin' around more. Gotta get strong for surgery I'm probly gonna have next year. Now, if only that foot of snow on the ground outside, will go away so I can stop procrastinating...
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