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  1. Chat Host
    In the months after my stroke, I felt very alone, misunderstood, and that I couldn't relate to those around me anymore. I was afraid, confused, and isolated. I knew I needed to seek out
    Tracy Miller 12-02-2019

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  2. I turned my life into a positive
    When I first came to this site back in 2009, I was angry and felt isolated because I never heard of anyone having a stroke like mine or as young either. I met some incredible members who taught me that regardless of how your stroke happened we ALL share the a similar experience and can learn from each other. The Stroke Network changed my outlook on life to be a more positive one and I couldn't have had a better support system for everyone can relate in some way. I'm very thankful that the Stroke Network is online for, in the beginning, traveling to meetings was difficult. I feel I'm a better person for all the support I was given and more confident. Thank you, Ksmith 17-04-2017
    Kelli J Smith 17-04-2017

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  3. Testimonial
    StrokeNet means everything to me. I have met many stroke survivors and stroke caregivers through StrokeNet over the years. I have seen them come here all broken with their lives shattered by stroke. I have enjoyed getting to know them and watched them grow from being bitter and depressed to confident and eager to help others. StrokeNet is one of the best ways to connect with stroke survivors and stroke caregivers.
    smallory 21-03-2017

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  4. Second Iscemic Stroke after 4 years in the other side of the brain
    My name is Alana and I am 52 years old. I am an canadian international teacher currently teaching grade 1 in an Islamic Canadian School in Qatar. I had a small Iscemic stroke in my brain which effected my left side and took 2 years to really become normal in my mouth and left side. I was so lucky as it happened before I had a week off so no one except the doctors really noticed. The last iscemic stroke occurred 3 weeks ago. I actually fell , scraped up my face bad with a black eye and hit my head. I fell because I felt dizzy, nauseous and had a pain in my left temple. At the time I thought it was the flu because I was sick earlier in the week. I saw a neiro surgeon about my face and he told me after he examined me I had another iscemic stroke on the other side. He did an MRI and confirmed indeed I had a second small iscemic stroke. We tried plavix and aspirin to ensure I would not have a third stroke. Unfortunately I am prone to severe migraines and it was causing me to be high risk for another stroke so he put me on warfarin. Luckily Its not really noticable to others so I kept working although I am dreadfully tired all the time. I am also worried as my dad passed away after living with a severe debilitaing stroke and then 2 more strokes that I will follow in his footsteps. I wonder how to deal with this recent stroke as there are no support groups and I feel so alone. Also I wonder if Warfarin will make me gain alot of weight as I worked hard the last 6 months to lose 25 kg. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!
    Alana 10-03-2017

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  5. This site has been my link to the outside world ever since my stroke in 1996. I was repeatedly drawn here, felt safe, and was pleasantly surprised that my questions were answered. (I would have to sign-up again and again because I'd forget my password, and was so digitally challenged I couldn't figure out how to get it.) I volunteered some time here when I could, and have 'met' some pretty special people. Steve has made StrokeNet into a wonderful place!
    Susan Marshall 03-03-2017

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  6. Senior Mentor
    My strokes and stroke-related surgeries occurred a long time ago when I was 34 years old, but I have various reasons for my joy of being a member of StrokeNet. 1) Giving what I hope is good advice to other members. 2) Being in contact with all these members that I admire so much; they are very warmhearted and compassionate. 3) Learning the advances that have been made in post-stroke treatment. 4) The humor that is often used. 5) Two of my sisters (age 38 and 46) didn't survive the same type of hemorrhagic stroke I had. It helps me a great deal to keep my mind on the survivors; otherwise I'd be dwelling on the victims.
    Linnie 03-03-2017

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  7. Hi everyone, I have not posted anything for some months but I had a small, undiagnosed stroke on January 12th, 2016 and found this site about 6 months later. I found encouragement, support and advice for alot of what I had and am experiencing. It's a wonderful place to find other survivors who can relate and understand to varying degrees what we go through. Also for caregivers to share their experiences.
    Susan Meyer 02-03-2017

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