An Open Note to the Young Folk on StrokeNet

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Thank you for that post. As a young survivor (my stroke was at 18) I can say that I do value input that I receive from ALL stroke survivors despite age. There is just a loneliness feeling that a young survivor experiences that is hard to explain. There were no pamplets I could pick up that talked about returning to college after a stroke or how to start dating again. These are all things I had to relearn on my own. I remember asking my doctor if I could ever ride a roller coaster again or get a tattoo, these were questions my doctor did not have the answer to because I did not fit the stroke patient stereotype. I think there is a common understanding that young survivors have with eachother but dont worry, we do understand that we are all stroke survivors and your input is greatly appreciated so Thank you!!!


Hi Mandi,


I totally understand for me being young and also not having a "typical stroke". So I was given the same answers that all stroke patients get. After meeting people that have strokes like mine, it has helped me with understaning and be quite humbled when talking to you all. I have so much respect for all the survivors . I'm so glad I found this place also. I feel more 'at home' here then anyway. I love all you guys

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