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Wow, this is a great topic! I've read the posts of others and yes, I miss a lot of the little things like wearing heels, or being able to drive a motorcycle - I have no balance, so I am "reduced" to sitting behind Sam on his bike, the one with the passenger backrest. Sometimes, I even miss WORKING, if you can believe that.



But with all of the "little things" that have changed, I'm happy. I've found that the stroke totally changed the way I sing and my artwork, but that gives me new areas of those things to explore. I've discovered other new talents I wouldn't have discovered if I hadn't had to change my life to accomodate the challenges associated with my stroke, like training service dogs.




I think, of all the things I "miss" from life prestroke, it is the "certainty" of not knowing the things I could have been and done, the same things I am now discovering I can do and am doing.

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