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I just had the perfect example of talking ,thank goodness my father was there. I was talking to one person and fluid speech and within the same minute I had to answer questions... not a word would come out.. I told my father.. I know I'm not dumb, slow or whatever but when that happens I feel like a tool because I can't comprehend what people are talking about most times. After about 3 sentences..  tune out. Not meaning to be rude but my brain is fried

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So for the past 5 hours I have been loosing my mind because I have to wear a mouth guard at night for grinding my teeth and they aren't cheap. So I have been tearing my place to pieces trying to find this.  OK Let's start the day:


 Woke up and normally I put the mouth guard in a dish to soak and clean, well apparently I didn't and could not remember where I put it. My air conditioner unit died on me yesterday so I'm beyond sweaty and had to get ready to meet my father to go to Social Security. I got a letter from The Marketplace Exchange informing me I needed to get Medicare Part B for they asked and was sent a letter stating as much. Well since I had to re apply, my coverage wouldn't start till July,2018. Yes I almost burst into tears at the office. My father and I left ,called the people I needed and I'm covered by Amerihealtrh until Part B starts but there's more. 


WaWa ( convenience store) has ALMOND MILK. I WAS ABLE TO HAVE PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE. My life got better.


So I returned home to look for my guard. I was going crazy and it's a scary feeling when your mind goes blank and you truly can't remember anything. I was panicking. I called my parents ( I love those two to pieces) to please help.. they did and we looked everywhere. Trash cans, washer machine, under my bed, sheets...I was feeling confused for I couldn't remember what I did this morning.. When my parents left and told me to sit down and relax..


 I walked back to the bathroom and looked in my sons room again and what did I find on the bed..... YES



My mouth guard.... either I'm gong nuts or I think some relative is playing silly games with me :)  

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