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Exercising DOES pay off!

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I am noticing little changes.  First off I can go a bit quicker on the treadmill. The doctors decide that since I reacted to all the chemical they'd try this leg brace.  First it was awkward, time consuming and a real pain.  Yet now it feels I am walking better.  I can keep the speeds going longer.  I now have added more weight training to routines.  Last week I took on the exercise bike.  Its real difficult for me to keep foot placement, but I'm heeding the stroke specialist words.  He told me quality not quantity.   Its difficult to think of walking and how I place foot but its coming ever so slow.  


My therapist has also added to the leg brace weights.  8 lbs. on each leg, compression wear.  Weighted vest, & weight on arm.  If that isn't enough added TENS/EMS to all this.  I don't do all this every day but mix up the combination but always try and focus on the quality.  Four years in and I really starting to notice.  


Motivation is likely the hardest.  I live rural and going to gym isn't feasible.  Found a couple of face via app oriented groups.  Not many stick to the challenge or find it too difficult I sense.  


Tootin' my own horn is not getting any of my routines done.  Best stick to it.  


Have a good week.


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8 lbs on each leg...that’s like, a lot, isn’t it?  Way to go!


Motivation is such a dirty word. My absolute biggest problem. As well as time. Never enough of that.

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