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A Blog Report

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I haven't written a blog report for a while, we seem to only be getting a couple of blogs a week now.  I'd like to encourage those who haven't blogged for a while to do so.  Thanks to all who do contribute a blog from time to time and a HUGE thank you to the handful of people who contribute regularly.


Early in March Lin (lwisman) celebrated the 20th anniversary of her cerebral hemorrhage stroke, that is a good survival rate Lin and we are so glad you are still here.


Pam (SassyBetsy) last blogged at the end of March, she tells of helping another lady with her makeup,  "we all want to be pretty" is her comment at the end of the blog and that is so true.  It's good you can help people Pam. 


George (GeorgeLesley) and his wife Lesley have Lesley's mother from New Zealand coming to live with them.  She is 94 and wants to end her days with Lesley.  They have plans to take her with them in their motorhome.  You are a brave man George to travel with two women.


Steve Mallory has put a link to his blog on the Blog list.  His blogs are very interesting so do click on the link and go and read them.


Tracy (tmciriani) has written a couple of blogs in the last six weeks.  Tracy also posts comments on blog and is a great encouragement to others.


I (hostsue) have written three blogs in the period.  I hope some people find them interesting as I simply write about my life here in Australia. The last blog was about connecting with elizabethc, Elizabeth lives in Newcastle close to where my daughter lives and it was a real pleasure to catch up with her at last.


Stockflyer has also updated his blog. It is about several subjects including his new neurologist.  Thanks for updating us Stockflyer.


Julie (thejule1) who used to be a regular on Caregiver Chat has  written an update on her husband Larry.  Among other things about how hard it is noticing that slow decline in your partner's health. Thanks Julie.


ts4759 wrote his first blog for a while, about being bored.  I am sure you will find plenty to keep you busy now Spring is here ts.


Asha ( achandra) wrote about a car accident she had in early April in her new Suburu.  No serious injuries to her family for which we are thankful Asha as we need you here. Keep on writing so we know you are okay and going on with your life.


Dean (dreinke) has written a blog, the first for a while, he is holding down a full time job, writes a blog on another site which has had 1 million views and walks 10,000 steps a day, quite an achievement Dean.


Kelli (ksmith) has lost focus and that makes blogging a challenge but she managed an update.  Kelli has also had a lot of anxiety since her stroke. Thanks for making the effort Kelli, we really appreciate it.


And most recently Strokewife has written a blog about a memory her hasband has of being surrounded by dragonflies, what she thought of as 10.000 angels.  The memory was recalled when while they were dining out they saw a dragonfly hovering close by.  it is good to have those happy memories.


So if you read this and your name is not on the list get writing.


Fred (fking) is posting on the blog community forum at the moment as he cannot access his blog.  So you can read what he has to say as he posts there.









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