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The pain of reality

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Thank you all so much. I can feel the peace coming and i just can't wait exhausted or not. I have fought bigger things than this.

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not only fought but I may guess won bigger things than this!

you need a relationship tracy with a person you can talk to and be listened to in a meaningful way.  from your past remarks I have felt that Adrian was not particularly that  person nor was he on the path to becoming that person.

you will find that person tracy and he will more importantly find you as you are a very talented and understanding individual. and without this separation you wouldn't be in a position to find him/her. 

this is the start of a new journey for you tracy that has the possibility of unimaginable rewards.

perhaps life does these little(lol) things to us to bring us to a better place.

wishing you well,


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Tracy....you are amazing.


You are beautiful.


You are strong.


You are compassionate.


You are brave.


You are able.


You are allowed to cry.


You are YOU.


You will pick yourself up and go on to create an even better version of your self...a happier You.


Nothing or No one can take You away from You.


You are a whole person, and will be all the things I have mentioned and more always.


And we will always be here for which ever 'you' needs us.

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