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Blogs up to the 7th of May

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There has been a few blogs lately so here is a blog update.  Thank you to all who posted a blog and to all who commented.  There is still a lot of therapeutic value in writing down your thoughts in a blog so if you haven't written a blog for a while I encourage you to do so.


Tracy (tmciriani) wrote a poem called "Prey", Poems are a good way of expressing feelings.  Thank you for that Tracy.


Susan (susancm) gave us her thoughts on Spring in her blog, she loves Spring but doesn't seem to have a lot of energy so finds that sitting on her front porch enjoying the warmer weather is one way she benefits.


Asha ( achandra) took a walk in the park while her husband played volleyball and met a woman and discussed with her that all strokes are different as is the progress you can make after having a stroke.  Thanks for educating people Asha.


Kelli (ksmith) has some challenging eating problems being allergic to Lactose and Soy.  She is trying to find a way past that.  I have some problems too so know how difficult it can be.


Jay (Jayallen) asks on behalf of someone else if there can be regression when a person comes home from a rehab facility.  If you have thoughts on that you might like to post a comment.


Pam (SassyBetsy) wrote two blogs, one on her using Rogain again to combat hair loss and one on her persistent problems with fatigue.


Nancy (Nancyl) wrote her blog about being alone. She has had the flu and Dan got mad that she was unable to visit and treated her coldly when she did eventually manage a visit.  She said it made her cry.  I'm sorry it is this way for you Nancy.


I (hostsue) posted a blog mainly about domestic issues and a visit to my daughter's place.


Lin (lwisman) also posted an update about domestic issues.  her sister Marge was away for ten days and Lin managed very well by herself.


And so that was a wide variety of blogs, thanks to all who posted, it is always  good to catch up on what has been happening to  the people in the Blog Community. Hopefully now you have the warmer weather in the northern hemisphere there will be more blogs about what you have all found to do.













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