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Some challenges with Type 1 and stroke

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I had a stroke ~5 years ago.  I have type 1 diabetes and my right side is not working.  I am not on the insulin pump.  

My goal is to use insulin pump.  I am afraid that my parent don't know much about insulin pump.  Any ideas on how I could become independant? 



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Hi A, it's Linnie again.  I'm not certain what type of independence you are looking into.  If it's housing, is there an organization called Council of People with Disabilities in the area in which you live?  If so, the Council may be able to help you find affordable housing that meets your needs.  


If it's use of an insulin pump, information on different types of pumps as well as the advantages and drawbacks of the various kinds can be found at http://www.diabetesforecast.org/2016/mar-apr/product-guide-insulin-pumps.html.


Hope this helps, take care :smile:

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