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I know you have been a member here for sometime but i wanted to tell you that from the day we first met,  I can say I do see a great improvement in your recovery. I'll be glad to chat anyday






***To all members*****    


Like all of us here today and past, we have had times when what we have, inside our head, something that we want to say but doesn't always come out how we planned. Latoya is doing very well, with the help of her therapist, gathering her thoughts together. From time to time, some things may come across as rude or crude from other member, but rest assure sometimes the words which are said is the closest thing to what we think means the same thing~K




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Welcome Latoya!  It's good to see you posting.  We understand what you are going through with aphasia.  We are here to support you.  Please keep posting!  :hug:

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