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Why you should read the Blogs.

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You may have noticed I don't do a Blog Report at the moment, that is because there are only three or four blogs a week at this time and not as many people reading them as usual despite the growing numbers of members on here.  So why should YOU read the blogs?


For Survivors:  Reading about what other survivors are going through gives you an insight into the struggles others go through and what they feel they have accomplished.  I went to my Stroke Recovery group today to a combined Morning Tea with other Clubs, about 80 of us there and we had a Professor of Neurology as guest speaker and he said one of the benefits of any Stroke group is that it gives you the feeling that you are not alone, gives you an idea of the range of deficits and gives you new social skills that are beneficial to your recovery. I have always found hope and inspiration in other people's stories and learned from them. Many of our bloggers here provide  information on what you need to do about many issues affecting stroke survivors and their caregivers and family members.  So being a part of this Blog Community gives you some of those benefits.


For Caregivers. I found in my own journey that the Stroke Recovery group Ray and I belonged to and Strokenet where the two most important organizations in my life.  For many years of the stroke journey because of our ages I felt so alone in that most of my peer group had no idea what Ray and I were going through.The feeling that someone on here knew what I was going through, had some empathy for what I was dealing with and what I was feeling made a huge difference to my life.  I don't know what you feel as a caregiver until you put it into writing, either as a post or a blog.  Either way I can communicate with you, support you as much as I can and help you not to feel alone in your struggles.  And you will find that knowing that you are understood does make a big difference in your life.


So if you haven't blogged for a while do an update, if you haven't blogged at all now is the time to start and if you are blogging right now Thank you very much.



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