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I used to sew and quilt quite a bit. I'm beginning to miss it but am feeling too overwhelmed to even attempt it. The parts that scare me are handling large pieces of fabric and using a ruler with rotary cutter. Have any of you onehanded survivors gone back into sewing and quilting? If so please tell me how. What tips or tricks do you use? Someone told me there was a video but I can't find it online.

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Hi Pearls. The quilting is one thing I haven't  gone back to. I have gone back to my other needlework quite successfully.  If it's the cutting etc. that scares you how about crazy quilting?  or buying precut shapes, although that doesn't help use up the stash.


I just had a brainwave what you need is one of these http://badskirt.blogspot.com.au/2010/08/chop-chop-chop-on-fabric-guillotines.html


let me know if it works


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