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Concerned About the High Cost of Medications??

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Hi, this weekend's newsletter from CBC Health: Second Opinion mentioned an article published on October 2, 2017 regarding the high cost of prescription medication.   

The section on generic medication ??  I was taking a patented medication, but when my pharmacist switched it to generic, the cost was higher.  Needless to say, I went back to the original med.  Other than that one incident, I think generic meds are fine.


The article can be found at https://khn.org/news/do-pharmas-claims-on-drug-prices-pass-the-smell-test-we-found-5-stinkers/

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big pharma is more dangerous to us than the things we take the drugs for

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it is and with all the rhetoric about healthcare is throwing the market on it's head.

Some of the struggles of being a younger person who has had an event in their life that causes a disability preventing them from working puts them in an awkward position.  Not only for being disabled and not able to work but also when it comes to insurance. That is where I find myself both currently being young and disabled and having to find supplemental (Medigap) insurance so I can continue to have benefits that I need to sustain my life.

What many people don’t understand is the cost for a Medigap insurance for a person under 65 years old.  Makes the decision of medicine and insurance or living and food harder for many          

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