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Elevators and Cane whacking

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Pre-stroke, I was always annoyed that elevator doors took forever to close. Post-stroke, since the only elevator that ever opens is always the furthest from where I'm standing, I frequently get annoyed that the doors close so fast as I'm hobbling towards them.


I've developed a new way of scaring bystanders now since as the elevator starts to close I now have to reach over and whack the closing doors with my cane as I make it those extra  couple of feet to the elevator.


It does make some satisfying noise, at least.

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Oh yes I've sworn at elevators many times. If you stand in the middle it'll be the one behind you that opens, not the one you're facing or the one you can see easily. Butr if we are moaning at elevators, lets also moan about the people who stand in front of you in elevators and don't let you out at the intermediate floors. I try to move to the back if I know mine is the last floor and I try to stay forward a bit when I'm getting out at the carpark and nearly everyone else is going to the ground level, but people will get in and stand in front of me, then give me "that look" when I can't shoulder past them to get out on my floor. That's the moment each day where I regret giving up the stick.

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I despise doors that close fast. Some people are kind and hold the doors 

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