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how do you handle what do you do after stroke quetion

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Today while watching morning show they were discussing how in Europe when people are asked about what you do, they answer it by telling their hobbies & not what job they do. I know for me biggest trouble after my stroke was my decision to go on disability & early retirement from my work life. It was huge mental anguish & adjustment to accept who I had become after my stroke. I never knew how much importance I had paid to my self worth based on what I did pre-stroke & made money pre-stroke. It took solid toll on my emotional psyche. So It was very interesting to me when they said in Europe people say their hobbies & not job they do. I was very sensitive to that particular issue, so very watchful about not getting so wrapped in roles I play in my life like mom, wife,sister, daughter. need to get my self worth because I am child of God & not any roles I play in life.




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That is so interesting. I rather like that way for , to me, it makes us more level. Equal  I'm going to remember this .. 

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