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So.. I recently learned some people who eat a plant-based diet have digestion woes. WELL.. I had to go to the ER last week for I have  SVT ( supraventricular tachycardia) of rapid heart beats.. I've had this before but I was struck with major gas. Thank goodness it was noisy there but with me laying in the bed, it was muffled......... I think.   Since my stroke, my brain and stomach don't always communicate so I don't eat on a regular schedule. I ate this morning but didn't for 7 hours after that nor drink. That's bad.. doesn't always happen like this but I've been fighting off this flu for weeks and I felt completely lethargic and knew I needed to eat. I barley was able to walk down my hall ( about 10 steps) for my kitchen and out of EVERYTHING in there I had to grab one of my plant-based bars.. I have literally changed my under carriages many times. and only 2.. T-W-O bites.......

I read when you pass wind, you can lower your blood pressure... mine must be bottomed out
 See the source image

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My darie-aire sneezed 


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