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My wife, who you have all been told about with her rendering of "MarseyDoats", Has for many years walked into a room where I am listening to a singer holding a note on radio and burst into song to match the note of the singer. Since she is usually at least a semi-tone out the result is terrible to me but acceptable to her. She holds this note until the singer changes and then follows the change by going up if he is going down (or the reverse). She thinks this is OK and if she is listening to her favourite Rod Stewart, then I don't mind. But if the singer is someone good like Matt Monroe, Sinatra or Tony Bennett, then I can get very annoyed. Since we have been married 57 years you would think I should be used to it  by now but alas it still irritates me intently.


In our early days I had a mate who's girlfriend he claimed was the worst singer in the world. I challenged him over that title and we had a bet over a pint of beer over it. He was also a musician and we got sheet music for something the girls liked and played for them to sing. Knowing Valerie could change key at the end of the line I thought I was onto a dead cert, but I lost the bet because his girl would change key frequently in the middle of a line as well as the end.

I often wonder if they married?


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The trials of having a good sense of relative pitch when those around you don't. Unlike perfect pitch relative pitch can be taught/learnt although it's easier if you start early so your chances with Valerie are slim.

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I find I am very sensitive to sounds now.

My son is musical, and as a child,we were told he has perfect pitch. He is annoyed by anything that ruins good music.especially in the orchestra he is in.

Now I have a clue of how it feels.


You may need to hide when you listen to music. earbuds??


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