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Challenging week.


Just over a week ago, I noticed my left foot was really swollen. (my left side was the impacted by my stroke.

I got my doc.

Blood Pressure was OKAY.

 My doc said, “you don’t have any major plans the next few days, do you?

. I thought OMG, he’s thinking the same thing I am a potential blood clot.

He sent me for an ultra sound, the tech said I’ll get right to the radiologist to read and get the report to your doc right away.  Adding to my anxiety.

That was Monday, I had a follow appointment on Wed.

No news is good news.

Wed afternoon at my appointment I was told the ultrasound was negative my blood pressure was 120/70; nothing to worry about, but the swelling had not changed.

He ordered a diuretic

No issues wed. night except many trips to the bathroom, expected

I know not to take with food,

Thursday, I waited 45 minutes after eating to take the pill.  Not long enough, I now know, looking back.

 Friday I could hardly move, my stomach was hard to the touch.

I was constipated, lots of water didn’t help.  Saturday the discomfort continued.

Some confusion, dizziness, fatigued.

Sunday was a little better still pushing lots of water.

Nothing to eat Fri., Sat., Sun.

My niece, a nurse stopped over, as I explained my symptoms, she said “you’re dehydrated” you need more water.

I used natural methods to address the constipation, not wanting more pills.

Return to doc wed. swelling gone,

Weight loss in one week was 10 pounds.

Blood pressure 120/70.

Almost feeling normal, whatever that is.   More to come.

Be well, it’s nice to have someone to share this stuff not socially appreciate conversational topic.


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How frustrating and upsetting after all that you don't know why your foot swelled or if it will do it again, only that the "cure" this time did more harm than good. But you did the right thing to get it to the Doc as soon as possible.

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 lack of water can make me constipated. My feet swell,one more than the other. I went to a lymphedema clinic at my medical center. As it was explained to me,I will try and recall....the water leaks from blood vessels into the tissues so there it stays. Different methods used on me include massage, compression stockings, ace bandage wraps,and visits with a cardiologist to see if the fluid retention was related to heart failure stuff...they did blood work and an echocardiogram. 


oh they watch kidney function while i am on diuretics and adjust dosages if it is not ok.

my weight fluctuates, due to the edema.

I eat to maintain a good blood sugar,be healthy,have energy,and avoid salt. That is hard,there is hidden salt in sauces,even juice drinks. And then occasionally cheat with pizza,but not very often. Right now I have problems too and seeking answers. So God bless you as you deal with this too.

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