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In Recovery Room I was The Alien.

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$"I had an MRI with anesthesia today. That made me a freak. Why?? Because I already tried multiple times to just do it. No amount of coaxing encouraging bribing threatening or blindfolds or sedatives can get me in The Tube. So I am fan of The Open one. But my neuro wants my brain on print with some new better latest their own machine. Regardless that I have CDs of my stroke brain that were taken in another hospital when I was heavily sedated by a convincing shot. 

SO I needed another MRI of another body part but that doc would not sign on for a 2 for 1. He put in writing that going under for an MRI was intolerably invasive. I pleaded stating the brain one was happening so let me get it all done. No. And when a doc has spoken.....


So today I went under for the first time.

I did everything they told me to prep an arrived early. So then I told the nurse about my painful leg. And I went in my chair in case I was too sick to walk. And I brought a change of clothes with the kit. The kit is my scented wipes and pull ups.

I also have pads. But today pull ups. And since I am not considered incontinent by the home then I do not get their wipes. So I have been granted them by benevolent staff or by staff in charge of helping me with accidents and do not want to get basin of soapy washcloths. So I have a proper stash.

And I brought my tote with supplies a girl may need for an MRI including a bag for my new shoes. And they took my stuff to a locker. And soon they loaded me on a guerney.  I had to do it alone with a step stool so I did not hurt my leg. And then someone came out of no where and plopped a warm blanket down on my leg.

ohhhhNNNooooo! It was past time for my oxycodone so I hurt. But the nurse was so concerned when she reported to the doctor that 6 hours ago I had oxymorphone then an oxycodone. Yes I explained to the doc...I am on a regimen that must be followed and substitutions do not work. So can I get my meds now?  They gave me a something pain in anesthesia but then they were holding that mask on me. I took deep breaths as told but I could not fully exhate in that contraption. WaitWait I cannot breathe...oh just take deep breathes thats it good....Are they kidding? I squirmed wiggled trying to exhale. I never imagined death by not being able to exhale. It was surreal. But I breathed deeply praying to just go out so they could place the tube in...lets just do this .....what happened to the counting thing.....here I was panicked and suffocating. Did I mention this is a busy teaching hospital world renowned. So hey just down to business. No impressive cheerful comedian doc I have come to expect. No this was nurses and techs. The reassuring matronly anestheologist had promised she spoke to my doctor and I could get my pills later in recovery but not yet. I was relieved. So when I woke up I  would get my meds and not be too off schedule. But right then I was in dire pain. My leg burned like my skin was peeled off or it was a log in the fireplace. 


So I just went along...soon just not conscious.

Then suddely I opened my eyes to blinding light. the silouette of a few people hovered over me. But I could not breathe because something was in my throat choking me so I grabbed for it but someone pulled my arm held it I was yelling scereaming suffocating wriggling around. Then someone said there she's awake...then sternly to me to let them take it out. Ohhhh!Right!!!The Too Invasive MRI. OMG. Breathing air again. But my throat burned and my voice was weak and hoarse. It hurt to moan. They were wheeling me all over. Then when we stopped and they took the oxygen mask off I said to someone in a hairnet with her purse on her shoulder...What Happened To Me?


She was talking and I interrupted. I do that. But this time I could not think and I was kinda upset no one was more concerned that I had panicked. So...apparently I had some bronchial spasm stopped breathing and they had to puff me some air to jump start me back again. So it is normal. I was ok. So I was busy begging for meds while the nursed processed my discharge. I said the doc promised. But no order.I demaned she be called. Call the pain team I demanded urgently rattling the cage I was in. Oh wait I was being discharged so then I could take my meds in my purse. Where was my driver. They had changed the time...by the time he arrived I was short of breath with chest pains and getting an EKG. OMG. Then the nice anesthesia doc came in ordered meds kindly understanding why my leg was uncovered and that now I was Mrs. Hyde. But the kind of sarcastic teentype nurse said some glitch now cannot open med cart because the order went upstairs some explanation that sent me screaming take me downstairs and hand me my purse. Oh the driver had left and they were still on hold when the nurs3 brought my meds finally.  I waited left alone  then I answered my phone and a familiar driver's voice announced he was down stairs. ok I said happily stay there wait I will be right down. So I flagged someone to get the nurses and the nurse came over with my chair and two others came over to assist me. 


There was a huge wet spot on the bed. Did I pee in my sleep or in my panic. I was prepared so it was only slight delay and I chose to go home in a hospital gown because I could not stand anything on that leg.


So can I even consider a surgery?

But this pain is tiresome. But maybe I am better off as I am now.Things to consider later. But chicken soup tastes like the best meal in the world. It is small things. Fireworks last night with friends here.


In the recovery room my pain was devalued. The nurses were sarcastic saying So this IS the worst pain of your life, when I said the pain was a 10. 

So today right now this pain needs immediate attention. I could not move without pain relief. Tears streamed down my face and they were just trying to ignore me like I was some hysterical case.


I really wish this problem could be addressed in a lifet4ime movie. Discovery chanel or a public television special. I want someone who says they saw it on tv and know how hard it is to live with.


And then I may not be an alien.




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Wow!  I thought that I'd had pain and discomfort before, but nothing like that.  You are a superhero!  Superheroine, I guess.


And you are my hero for surviving that.  Thanks for sharing; this helps me to understand that I can also cope with my far more minor travails.


I hope and pray that things are much better.




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Thank you paul. Yes we can endure thanks to our loving God  I believe.


Some just do not understand what pain is.


Everyone  has a pain or problem

each is important and meaningful


I hope you do find help and comfort.

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