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So I kinda eat the same foods every day. I do eggs in the morning only once in a while. fried well done. I get them on my noon salad usually daily with tomatos cucumbers and hopefully blue cheese. or any kind of dressing is fine. I love salads. But here they are served with yucky processed meat ham or turkey that I scoop off. Ew!  And I need more protein so I will eat hopefully whatever the entree will be. I avoid the artificial mashed potatoes that are not like the boxes I bought. I will eat a baked or scalloped. I love any kind of rice. So I only do a couple table spoons of the starches.But even they are necessary for good nutrition.

I love squashes and every veggie but they overcook most and so I pick and choose and pass. So I rarely do their plate. I like my salad. 


I love cold cereal. any kind. ok ALL kinds.

Now it perplexes me that while they over cook most food, they undercook an egg. So I say burn my toast and make my egg crisp.  Then it comes toasted and egg perfect.


So I learned if I want A hot breakfast and not my usual fruit plate and plain bagel with coffee, Then I order it special early and then the cna brings it and it is not on a cart.


I rarely eat a full fruit plate. I get it for the fruit that is not melons. so that is a handful of pineapple or strawberries or grapes. Anyway I make sure it is a handful only. I will have an orange as a snack at night sometimes. That is a treat. The dinner is my smallest meal. If it is not spaghetti or fish then I pass. I will eat peanut butter sometimes with crackers...


So I try to do ratio of more salad and veg....handful fruit daily...handful of protein when I like it. 

So dull but peppered in are the best darn desserts in the worldOh I pass on the creative pear dishes,.pears with jello sprinkled on them...chocolate sauce whipped cream on canned pears is just immoral criminal and should be banned and punished. But I mean the cheese cake.cake with icing. brownies. cookies of any kind. Yes they serve me. and I indulge in a half portion they serve once in a while.


So this is working so far.

I mean let me eat. all other pleasures are gone. My body really is enemy. And food here is yucky but some is great. If I do the handful only then my numbers stay good.

I use novolog as meal coverage with lantus as long term.


The juggled me on thisnthat..but this combo dances well to my music.


Ok so I freaked out. shots. seriously. But I hated finger testing. At least thankful for my numbish hand right but it can zingzang feeling weird. so luckily me smart son went hunting online and found the smaller guages....My personal lancets are multicolored and good for kids...and me. They are 33 guage and seem to be thin enough to avoid the nerves. I control the depth the lancet goes..usually also use my own pen tops.not theirs. Mine are shorter and thinner. 32 4. Very nice.

So I can do this. I was hating it unable to do myself and then son found these. No one else cared or looked or suggested. So Now You Know. Hopefully it helps. Unless you are stronger than me. But this changed the dreading checks and shots all day.

And I eat well. I do fastfood once a month. splurge. usually chicken nuggets and tacos.


Ok so about honestly sneaking candy. of course. it happends. ohhh the guilt.

Good and Plenty candies. those old school things. to die for. literally. I  do that at times. sometimes a chocolate but not often.  I need to avoid salt so chips is what i really want. so not half the bag. only handful once in blue moon, it shows if i cheat.


so hope it helps. just need to fin t.d a happy way to live log term with it. You can have anything if you balance it out.)!


And get the diabetic shoes. I got extremely light athletic shoes. I picked my colors too. My shoes are blue,teal,and mint. I bought mint and teal tanks and camis  wear them under clothes so i match. I bought a mint colored terry sweatshirt I wear going out when in A C.

I love my new colors I wear.

Friend sent me matching nail polish I have not tried. But the shoe program is great. VA gets more too. So hoprefully this helps.


So what do you do?? Maybe you have ideas because I need to cut down breads.


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I truly enjoy your story telling posts. I feel like I'm sitting in the same room , like you're telling it to me.

I do not have Diabetes but reading this I thought... you were doing alright.. 

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seems like a double whammy to have both the stroke and diabetes.  Sorry to hear you got it too.  Yep.  Me too.  From what I can tell diabetes doesn't lead directly to a stroke.  When I tried to get answers from doctors it seems that diabetes causes plaque buildup.  the plaque later breaks off and causes the stroke.


If there is more I should would like to learn.


Checking my arteries for plaque was first test I think they ran.  Doctor came in the room and said we have good news and bad news.  Good news is I have no plaque anywhere.  Surprised them since I should based on being diabetic.  Bad news- didn't know what caused the stroke.


So far I have stayed off insulin, just taking metformin.  Before the stroke it was easy to get exercise or just walking in to bring my sugar down.  Now it is much more difficult, exercise one day, the next day is hard since my legs and other muscles are sore.  So kinda like a yoyo.  One day good, next day high.  and around we go.



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Stroke and diabetes...it's a club!

I am very naughty indeed. I say to my doctor that I don't have visible symptoms so it's very hard to stick to a sensible eating plan. 


I was supposed to see my doctor at the beginning of November,  but I keep putting my blood test and appointment off.


Pam please don't feel guilty. You have had to give up so much, a bit of wickedness here and there is not the end of the world. 

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