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Electrode Trial

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8I hurt so much now as I wait for Oct RFA. But it barely lasts 12 weeks before pain burns. I suffer spasms too. I cry morning and evenings as the 12 hr extended pain pill And med for break thru become due.

This morning a nurse appeared bedside and held my hands telling me just hold on the pill will work. She had Caribbean accent??? As I calmed down she wiped my cheek with back of her hand and said she will return.  By the time she did I was up eating breakfast all smiles. I never had pain like CPS. I am Mrs. Hyde or just sobbing demolished. Then pills work.


Dr. promises my hope is in electrode because RFA helps.

He says my stroke was in unusual place to produce so much pain. oh. um. so I still need insurance co to pay before a trial can happen.



Some here know me but are not as kind as the nurse today.

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Pam so you are doing an electrode trial? I think you have said you do feel improvement. Have you found that it always lasts a certain amount of time? What are the future plans for yourself do you think about? Does your Dr. intend on continuing the treatment? I'm sorry for so many questions, I honestly am just curious. I also hope that you will find some lasting relief! This could help so many people! I don't know everyone it could help but I do know you. I think about you all the time and if this is something that continues to help you and even gets better I scream "Yesssss!".

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